Saturday, May 17, 2014

Giveaway Winners!

Thank you everyone that has come and entered! You can tell if the giveaway is good by the number of people entering and I think I had an okay one!

Here are the winners....

And she wanted the bag! 

And she wanted the patterns! I am so glad that it worked out wonderfully! 

I will send out emails to these ladies and if I don't hear back from either one by Monday evening I will pick someone new! 

Thanks again everyone! Hopefully everyone won at least one thing! 

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Falling Behind Again!

I'm following behind again! Although I have been posting on instagram every day, I wonder if I can get print outs of that? Here are some things that have happened in the BEGINNING of MARCH.

Lincoln is growing like a weed (this is on the beginning of March)...


Our Brothers are loving their little brother and are a big help around the house! I can't believe how well they clean now!! Now there are some days that they need to redo an area but I am very proud of how much they help and do it "Mom's way".

We got a new dog! Chewy came to us from the local Animal Shelter. I really think that his previous owner lost him and just couldn't find him again. But he has been a wonderful DOG! We did have a problem potty training outside and with a houseful of boys and a baby we have opted to use potty pads. He doesn't like to go up and down the stairs so he needs help at night to go up to our room, but other than that perfect! He is awesome with the boys and patient not only with them but Kitty as well. (My sister's cat).

I than started a cross stitch along  called Quilty Stitches hosted by Little Miss Shabby. Everyone was doing it on Instagram so I decided to try it and I LOVE it!
 Here is what it will end up looking like.

 My progress (in the beginning of March)

I started using a headlamp to see better and then of course Nathan wanted to do it too, so I set him up with a piece of cloth and some thread. He was so cute, but realized how LONG it took and how much PATIENCE you have to have that he started and a minute later stopped!

My end goal is to keep a regular updated blog. I used to be awesome at it, but than becoming pregnant and than having a baby, I'm still not back to "normal" but maybe by the end of the year I can become more consistent!

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Sew Mama Sew Giveaway Day

Sew Mama Sew is having their giveaway day again! So excited that I caught it! In the past I've missed it! I know there are going to be tons of visitors so lets get to the point of the matter...

2 Giveaways...


12 different quilting blocks with instructions AND fabric! I've been storing these for years and haven't used them, and will probably never use them so it's time to pass them on to someone who will!



A little 9"x9" zipper pouch! Inside you will find a nice sweet surprise!

Ways to Enter....

1. Earn 1 entry by commenting on the post as to which one you would prefer. (Please leave a way for me to contact you - if I can't find your email I will redraw.)
2. Earn 1 entry by following my blog. (Leave a second comment saying so)
3. Earn 2 entries by following me on instagram. (Leave a comment on my instagram post saying your following me)

Instagram username is : nmommy02 (or click on link!)

Giveaway will end on May 16th at 6pm MST. 

Will use to choose a TWO winners and I will email the winners Friday night.

Will ship internationally!

Good Luck everyone and enjoy exploring new people and sites!!

Friday, February 28, 2014

Family Scriptures

Last year sometime (I can't remember!) Trav decided that we needed to read scriptures every night as a family so we have since than read a verse each. Since Kimball can't read yet (he is getting close) he just repeats after Travis or I. It hasn't been 100% but we have been truckin' along! We are currently in Omni (Book of Mormon) right now! We won't be done for some time but that's okay. We are reading as a family and we can tell a big difference of when we read the scriptures as a family and when we don't. The boys have also become better readers for it as well! I hope we can continue this always!
 The boys are happy that they got a tablet for Christmas because they can be like Mom and Dad and read them electronically.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

We Love Lincoln

I am not very good at taking pictures and when I do take them I take about 20 of the same pose hoping that at least one is good! But than we add that I use my phone since it has a pretty decent camera on it....and I sometimes do well and other times terribly!

As I was putting them on the computer I realized that I have a lot of pictures of us loving Lincoln. We sure do love our Lincoln and are happy that Heavenly Father sent him to us!

I can't say 100% that Lincoln is our last one but as far as we know he is for now. It's amazing that you can feel complete as a family but than add another child and you than can't imagine life without the newest one! I have felt that way with every boy that we have added to our family. I am so grateful for Lincoln but am also grateful for such a loving family! I love to see the love that our boys show their newest brother every day! We love our Lincoln!