Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Once again....

 Once again I am behind on my blog posts! You would think that I would stay on top of everything and stay ahead...but lets me honest I struggle to get out of my pajamas every day let alone keeping my blog running smoothly!

At the very end of September we were able to finally get our family pictures done! I think it's been about 2 or 3 years since we have had this done. A few years ago (I believe her son is now 2 or 3) I made a baby quilt for this girl in my ward (church). We were changing services, I would make her the quilt and then she would take our family pictures. Well life happened and we never go it done. She ended up moving back East and came back to Utah to visit family. While she was here we were able to squeeze in a family photo shoot!

Here are a few I shot before we started....

Of course they were SUPER happy in the beginning....but overall they did pretty good. We had little "theater candy" for them if they were good. They were pretty good overall and so they go their treats.

Here are some "sneak peak" pictures she posted on Facebook...
 Okay I'm just gonna say it.... "DANG I look good!".....okay I feel better now! I teased her by saying she must have a really good photo editing program!
 Notice my Pez-O-Rama quilt? I brought a few quilts to use and it turns out that this one matched us the best! It turned out really nice!
Here are the boys giving her their "frowning" faces! They turned out so good! Here is her site...Photos by Elsie McDonald if you wanted to check her out. She must be good if she can make all of us look good!

I can't wait to get the rest of our pictures back! But another good news is she asked me to make her another baby quilt! I will be using this pattern with this line....I can't wait!

 "My Song" by Anna Joy (yes I actually bought a pattern! I never made a block like this before so thought I would play it safe)

I will be using this line, Marmalade by Bonnie and Camille. I can't wait to make this! But I need to get going because she is having her baby next month! No worries, I'm up for the challenge!

- Which speaking of quilts....did everyone check out my new look? I changed it all so that I can make quilts and sell them! I have been working on making quilts too, so I will soon add a tab that has some finished quilts for sale too! So please pass on the news to anyone you know that might be interested!