Friday, July 24, 2009

Flash Back Friday

In honor of Joe getting married, 4 out of 5 kids are now married. So here is a picture from each wedding. Now Catie is next! (Jen thanks for the idea)

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Wedding and Vacation

This past weekend we went to Colorado for my brother Joe's Wedding. He married a wonderful woman named Amber. They are wonderful together and I just know that they will make their marriage last. We got in on a Thursday and that night we went to the rehearsal dinner. We decided that since we were looking nice we would try and get a few pictures taken. Unfortunately we didn't get a good family picture but we got a lot of nice pictures of the boys.

Some of the grandchildren posing. We had to grab a very quick picture before Kimball decided that he had enough.And here are all of the Longan grand babies. Notice that Cade and Kimball are screaming?? It goes from left to right: Zoey, Dallie, Morgan, Mason, Wyatt, Cali, Cade, Brandon, Kimball and Nathan.The Longan family. And as the old saying goes, "All because two people fell in love".

Here is my family: Jeff, Lori, Paul, Joe, Crystal Jenni and Catie. Don't we look nice?Then we have the Longan girls, well only 2 Longans...I love this picture of Cali and Brandon, they have always been the best of friends. Brandon tells me that he is going to marry Cali.If you know Nathan, you know that he has faces, and you never know what will come of it. This is one of my favorite faces that he does, he was quite upset that Dad told him to get down.Strong Brandon! I love the shadow effect. Me and the Groom....Joe or what I like to call him, Josephus. Me and my Daddy. NOW everyone can see where I get my BLONDE hair from! Me and my MommyDad holding Wyatt between photo shoots. Very cute....Brandon has this thing where he likes to hold his hand out when you take his picture, like he if very proud of his hand. Do we look alike?? Giving Mommy a kiss, these are rare and you have to earn them! Part of the table toppers for the wedding. I think they are so cute! Now this is what I like to call "sexy" Joe! Jeff was Joe's best man, and Joe was Jeff's best man.Jeff and Charrity, now just having given birth to your 4th child, only three weeks ago...she looks pretty darn good! Dad and the boys walking around before the start of the wedding. Have to kill some time!Travis was very nice and was helping Jenni and Chris watch their kids.My Mom and Dad walking down the isle, only 28 years ago, they did the same thing. MARRIED!! Let the dancing begin! Everyone had to dance with Grandma and GrandpaBrandon showing off his "dance moves"! He was so cute! During the reception we took the boys outside to play in the dirt, Kimball got a little dirty! Stealing a moment with Travis...we never get to dance! Then of course we are never alone for long, we would get attacked by our children soon after we start dancing, but Travis and I don't mind. Nathan showing off his dance moves! Kimball didn't dance much, but played with the rocks that were next to the dance floor, then he would share then with Mom and Dad.

We had a very good time in Colorado. We got to stay in a motel. The boy's loved it, although they did miss sleeping in the trailer, they always think it is camping. In the motel we got to go swimming, which the boy's loved! I will post more of that later.

On the way home though we had a little bit of trouble. As we were coming into Grand Junction, our transmission went out at 1 in the morning. Travis and I got a little workout pushing the van up an off ramp, but we were able to cruise into town, and what did we run into? A Best Western! We were very lucky! We were able to get the van taken into the shop the next day, and then on Tuesday Travi's Mom was able to come and save us from Grand Junction while our van was being fixed. Now it is done and they will go pick it up.

Overall while this trip wasn't the idealist, things could have been much worst, but we are just thankful that we were able to have those little blessing to help us along. And if I could I would do it over again to see my family. Family is wonderful!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Fourth of July

This fourth of July we decided to go to the Provo for the parade and to the Freedom Festival as well. The boys were so excited to watch the parade to begin with.
I have no idea what Rose is saying here. Nathan told us that he was tired in the middle of the parade. So he took a blanket and slept. He didn't wake up until we woke him up at the end. He slept through very loud horns!
This is us taking a quick picture of our cute outfits in the parking lot right before we went to the freedom festival. Grandpa Walker and I like the scary rides, so when Brandon asked to go we went and took Nathan with us. Nathan was afraid at first but liked it in the end. Here we are at the Provo Library waiting to watch the fireworks begin. Brandon had to put on his batman costume. He loves that thing! Kimball had the most fun I think. He got to stay up way past his bedtime as well as run around all over the place. Grandpa was being silly again! Brandon calls him a Tricker.

There was too much wind to light the sparklers that we had, and the boys were upset that we didn't like our own fireworks. Nathan liked the pops. He would dump the whole thing on the ground and then step on them. Daddy tried to show him how to do it.

Here is Kimball running away down the sidewalk. He thought he was so cute.

Nathan chilling with Uncle Derek. He was "cold".