Thursday, January 31, 2013

Wasatch Front Shop Hop

At the end of September my Mom trekked back to Utah once again. But this time she was really excited (not that she wasn't last time) and didn't mind the 500+ miles back here. We were attending the Wasatch Front Shop Hop.

They usually do a rather big thing in June, but for the first time they were trying something in September. We didn't know about the June one, but knew about this one (we plan to attend the one in June now).

I was leaving my kids (Travis included) and stayed in a hotel with my Mom for the weekend. The only down side was that I had a NASTY head cold! Stuffing up on cold medication we were able to hit all 13 stores in 3 days. We could have done it in one, but shhh....don't tell Travis! (Just joking)
 My Mom and I and then my Mom's best friend Debbie came down from Idaho on the last day to go shopping with us!

I am sad to say that NONE of my quilt designs were in any store! Okay so I had a hope that because I had some rather cute quilt patterns on the Moda Bake Shop, that they would have my quilts hanging in their store. Sad to say no.....okay I was rather reaching but oh well. Here are some of my favorite quilts from the different stores.
 I like the border on this quilt, and wanted to add this type of border to some future designs.
 I thought this flag quilt was amazing! It would be really fun to make one like it too!

Then after our first day we had quite a few things....I somehow deleted my haul....but I decided that I would get at least 1 fat quarter at each shop. It turned out to be a little more....but oh well.
 My Moms....she got 4 different quilt kits that were on mega sale!
Our second day....I know there was more and I was going to have this cute little timeline showing all of our purchases.....but nope...doesn't turn out that way. But see the candy I got my boys??

There were so many cute projects in the stores as well.
 One place had these awesome little paper pieced label cards! LOVED them! Although I don't know if I would ever do it. Then I loved these cool pumpkins and want to make some for my front yard. And then I SOOOOO WANT this long arm quilting machine and frame! LOOKS AWESOME! And this picture does not do this beast was HUGE!
 I loved this circle needle point decoration. So cute! You could custom make it to fit your room easily! I also liked this needle point of the cute grandma saying that I see everywhere on pinterest and finally an adorable turkey!
One night we had dinner at Olive Garden. Me being on a budget all the time and well poor, I never go. I had this soup that was amazing!! I could have had it all day and then the next! Unfortunately my stomach wasn't that big. I can't remember the name, but if I heard it I would know it. I actually tried to make it at home since then and I burned it. But I could tell it was good underneath!

Things I learned this year.....1. Next year bring more money 2. Have a project in mind that you want to get things for or find ideas for 3. Have another project in mind 4. Bring more money 5. Bring more people 6. Don't get sick! 7. Have yet another project in never know what you will find!

I can't wait until June when my little sister will be back from her LDS mission! More people....check!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Since I am so far behind in my blogging, I've decided to do a condensed version of somethings. Just things that I planned to make one post about, but now since it was MONTHS ago seems a little pointless....

 I rearranged my room so that I could sleep against the wall. I was sleeping a little too much for my liking on the living room couch (no not because I was in trouble, but that I was more comfortable down there). So thinking that it was the support I was looking for, I decided that moving the bed against the wall would actuality.....nope. But it was a nice try. Now my room has a very weird look! We broke it up basically in two (we have a long and narrow room). After having it like this for a few months now....I really like it and have found tons more space to store crap stuff! Score!
 Although while cleaning and moving my bed....look what I found under my mattresses and on top of our bed frame!! YUCK! Maybe cleaning and moving my bed should become an annual thing. I would say more, but lets face it...I'm being realistic!

 As the weather was turning colder (end of November) I wanted to start a fire. We had collected some fire wood to burn and so I was very proud of myself that I was able to get a fire going. With 2 brothers and then a husband, I never got the chance to really learn how to build a fire and keep it going. Of course I know why I never got a's fun!

 Then before the fall, more towards the end of summer. We had a nice family bbq at Grandma and Grandpa Walkers. Fun times.

Fall/Halloween is usually where I get out of my "not decorating since Valentine's Day" funk and get my beloved pumpkin collection out! So I had to capture my beautiful handy work! Once again, something I rarely do.

This school year I am doing carpool with my friend. Before Christmas I did the morning pick-ups, but now after Christmas I get the afternoon pick-ups. I am not 100% sure which I like more....none? I think next year we will do the bus again. 

Having three boys didn't make me think that I would have toy hazards in my home, but I do. I find these little guys ALL OVER THE HOUSE! And surprisingly we have most of all the small stuff! I swear as soon as I or they pick them up....out they go. I haven't found a good rug-under-them-type-of-thing yet, but any suggestions would be great! I guess I could be harsh and make them pick them up constantly.....but really? It just comes out again 5 minutes later.

 After a mine trip a few months ago, Travis was coming home and his truck broke. His fuel pump went out. Luckily he was able to leave his truck on the side of the road and get it later. Well once his Step-Dad was able to help him go tow it home they leave to go get it. Twenty minutes later I get a call from him....he forgot his keys at home! So here we are on a rather cold night driving to give him his keys.....silly man! I still give him a hard time about it!

 I must be really weird because I am constantly taking napping shots!! I can't help it! I love how my kiddos look while sleeping! helps me get through the times when they are awake!

 Back when my Mom was in town for Nathans baptism, she got Nathan his present....where did he get it? JoAnnes! Awesome right? Well he got this helmet and cape and then some other craft items. He immediately put them on (before leaving the store) and because "Super Craft Man". That's my Nathan.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Finished Hockey Quilts

Remember when I was doing this? Well they are now done! I had them done just in time! No matter seems that I work MUCH BETTER with a timeline.
 Hockey Quilt #1
Hockey Quilt #2

For the first quilt, I did a swirly star and hockey stick design. I didn't want to do straight lines for this one and I was trying to branch out more than my normal meandering stitch. I think it turned out rather well....sometimes my hockey sticks leave a lot to be desired, but overall I think a teenage boy would like them.
  For the second one I did do a straight line stitch. I did about a 1/2" line spacing, but I did my straight lines around the word, Hockey.
If you look really closely you can see the Hockey word in the middle. I also went back in and did a 1/4" straight stitch inside the letters. To make the letters I took some duck tape (gotta love duck tape) free handed Hockey in there, after I had sprayed the quilt. then I started 1/2" from the block letters and went around. It was fun and I really like the design I got from it, but man does it take forever! I got burnt out from it for awhile and didn't sew for a week! I know not a record but when I was trying to get them done early it was a big deal!

I haven't heard back to  see if they enjoyed them but I am guessing they did. I originally was aiming for a large twin size, but ended  up with a large double. Each quilt measures approximately 85"x 90".

Friday, January 25, 2013

FOGS Auction results

You may remember several months back I was advertising for my son's autism preschool's fundraiser in this post.....but back in November it was actually accomplished!

 A few days before the auction I made myself available to help with the last minutes items....we made some posters.
 Since I was going to be there for several hours and Brandon is home schooled, I brought him with me. Lets just say he had a fun time playing in the office with my ipad.

I basically spent two days doing signs, then come to help organize the donations into packages to be auctioned off live and silent....come to find out that they didn't even inventory everything that they received! So I had 150+ items to inventory as well as separate them all in packages and write descriptions for them! It was not fun and was rather stressful which led Travis to become very unhappy with my involvement with it all. I see his point in it, but I love helping the place that my boys grew and learned so much. So it comes down to I need to either not help with the auction any more (what Travis would have me do) or become involved with it in the beginning, train someone new to take over how things are ran and finish up helping with their 5th auction. I'm still up in the air about it. I want to please everyone....and I'm 20 years old and still haven't learned that I can't please everyone.

We will see what happens....but as for now....undecided.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Nathan's Baptism

I guess once you get out of the habit of blogging, it's hard to get back into the swing of things. I would say it is the daunting task of organizing all of the pictures and events that have taken place, but I don't think that's quite back in September.....

My little boy, Nathan was baptized! In our church, our children who are 8 and older are aloud to become official members and become baptized. We believe that once they are 8, they are at an age to know from right and wrong and then make the decision for themselves. Nathan was super excited to get baptized and was thrilled to see all of his family and friends to be there for him on his special day.
 My Mom came over from Colorado with my two nieces, Zoey and Cali. (Notice the red hair? We did that clear back in the beginning of July and as of December it was still in there! We finally just chopped it off! *Note to self....don't color my hair with kool aid)
 Kimball was so happy to have his cousins there for the weekend, but as usual didn't want his picture taken.
 Nathan left early with his Daddy so that left me and my Mom to get all the kiddos ready....aren't they cute?
 To get baptized, you are dressed in white and when you (the one being baptized) enter fully into the water symbolizing the death and resurrection of the Savior. As you go down into the water it symbolizes the death of your life, as in your old life and then as you rise from the water it symbolizes your new life and being washed cleaned and the resurrection of the Savior. It's all about the Savior, which I love!
 Before hand we try to get pictures of family members and us as a family. See our struggles?
 We have Nathan and my Mother, Nathan with his Dad and his Grandma and Grandpa Walker, and then they had me join them.
 We have a little opening exercise where we have some music, talks and each child who is getting baptized gets introduced. Nathan was so cute and when he was called up to be introduced he literally bounced his way up there and then as the guy was introducing him he was trying to give examples of everything that was being said! It was so darn cute! After he was introduced we went into a room that was connected to a fountain (about a small pool in the room) and a prayer is said and he is baptized. Then his Dad and him change clothes and comes back into the room and then he is given the gift of the Holy Ghost which will guide him through out his life as long as he is righteous and faithful.
Picture: 1. Aunt Melissa and Uncle Derek 2. Grandpa Walker, Cousin Preston, Grandma Walker and Nathan 3. Aunt Melissa 3. Cousin Preston, Grandma Walker, Uncle John 4. Aunt Rose 5. Uncle Derek, Grandpa Walker, Grandma Walker, Travis 6. Cousin Preston
After the baptism, we headed back to our place for a small get together with family and friends. Basically we socialized and ate some yummy food. The adults sat and talked and the cousins played. It was wonderful.
 Picture: 1. Travis and Me 2.
Uncle Derek, Grandpa Walker, Grandma Walker, Travis 3. Grandma Longan, Uncle John, Uncle Wayne, Aunt Rose, Uncle Derek 4. Grandma Walker, Uncle Mark, Aunt Becky 5. Aunt Jacque and Cousin Preston 6. Aunt Rose, Uncle Derek, Grandpa Walker, Travis 7. Brandon

I love that picture#6 is all of them looking at their phones! 

The following month we had a Primary program, which is where all of the children in our church sing songs and do a little program for the adults. Nathan was asked to give a talk about his baptism and how he felt. This is what he wrote. I helped remind him of what happened (ie. getting ready, leaving, pictures, etc.) and he told me everything that he was thinking and feeling, and then we compiled all of that together to create his talk. 

"Before I was baptized I went to see Bishop Wyatt with my Mom and Dad. We talked about why I wanted to be baptized and what would happen. Bishop Wyatt made sure that I was ready to be baptized.
On September 1st I was baptized. My Dad and I left early to go get ready. We put on a white suit and waited for our family and friends to come. I felt holy and excited. I also felt like I was an angel in my white suit. 

Soon our family and friends came and we took pictures. After that we went in to the chapel and sang a song and listen to a talk about the Holy Ghost. I didn’t know who gave the talk. I was the third one to be baptized so when it was my turn Brother Adams called me up to stand next to him and went over who I was and what I liked to do. I was trying to show people what I liked to do, but I was nervous and scared. 

After I was introduced I walked with my Dad to the baptismal font. While we walked there Dad held my hand and told me that he loved me. I felt very special. We then went into the baptismal font. I was scared and thought that I was going to drown under the water. As soon as my Dad put his arms around me to say the baptismal prayer I felt better. 

After I came out of the water I felt like brand new. I wasn’t scared anymore and I was happy. After we got out of the water we changed into our church clothes and went out to our family and friends. I felt very special that so many people came to see me get baptized.

My Dad confirmed the Holy Ghost to me. While he was doing it I sat very still in my chair and felt like a grown up. I also felt like Heavenly Father was talking to me too. After the prayer I got to shake all the men’s hands and I felt very happy. 
I am glad that I got baptized because I know that Jesus wanted me to do it so that I can become more like him. I know that I made the right decision. 

I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen"

If you have any question about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints feel free to visit their website or send me an email and I will try my best to explain everything. 

Monday, January 21, 2013

Care Package

Last month I was able to get my slacker of a person together enough to finally send my best friend her baby care package! She had her little adorable boy in October!

 Mr. Henry Jones aka Hank the Tank! Isn't he adorable! There was some issues coming into the world, but he has over come them all...including his wonderful Mother! (Her and I have been friends since we were both 8 yrs old!)
 Care Package included:
1. Fleece jumper with zipper (my favorite kind!)
2. Two crocheted airplanes (I was informed that his room has an airplane theme)
3. A homemade "H" toy with ribbons
4. Two binkie attachement holder things (Mom works for Oregon State Government and she is my political translator!)
5. Waterproof diaper pad (I found many different ideas online using google, and just kinda did my own thing...not sure how well it works.....Katie??)
6. Jean baby quilt
7. London inspired baby blanket with fleece backing (Katie and her hubby became close on a London study abroad semester in college and we both have always loved England since we were young)
8. (Not pictured) A Jar of banana peppers....Katie's favorite!

I must say all was received well and everything was a big hit! The jar of banana peppers was almost gone by the time she called to thank me! That' my Katie!!
Us back in 2004 with my oldest, Brandon on Valentines day.