Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Friends of Giant Steps 4th Annual Auction

Its another year for FOGS (Friends of Giant Steps) to host their annual auction! I was in on it from the very beginning, and even though I haven't ran the whole show I have done my part to help out in this event.

The auction is changing slightly this year from just being a live and silent auction to also adding a nice meal to enjoy while you enjoy the auction!


Friday, Nov 16, 2012


Tickets 10$ or $15 at the door
Foothill Elementary School 921 N 1240 E Orem, Utah

We would love for all to attend! This year we are working really hard to try and get a van for the 3 classrooms. We use this on field trips and helping pick up children. So our goal is to try to earn $25,000. One thing we have learned that every penny counts! So if you are able to attend and help bid on the items (which are amazing!) or just buy tickets to help support Giant Steps anything is welcomed! 

Another way that we can get help is by donations. If there is any type of donation that you can contribute, it would be greatly appreciated!  We have had donations range from homemade products to hotel stays to lunch with local famous people. Anything is welcome! 

If you have any questions or wish to help support us, please let me know! I have been very fortunate to have all 3 of my boys attend this wonderful school that has helped teach them to better function in their little worlds. They have not only helped my boys but have helped me and Travis become better parents to them! Only with help from everyone can we keep this wonderful school going. There is now 1 in 55 kids with autism, and with programs like Giant Steps we can help these children function better in the world around them! 
 Nathan in Giant Steps in 2007-2009
 Brandon in Giant Steps in 2007-2008

Kimball in Giant Steps from 2011-2013

Thank you all! 


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