Monday, September 10, 2012

Cousin Sleep Over

Back in August....

After the family reunion Trav's sister stayed up here in Utah before going back go Vegas. Since school hadn't started yet I figured it was a perfect time to have one last cousin sleepover!

 We just had a simple night, we went to Mcdonalds to have dinner (best dinner ever....well for the kids). They had a lot of fun playing.
 This was a brand new location and building that we wen to. The boys would watch it being built as we passed it and would say that they wanted to go there every time! So needless to say they were pretty excited when we went!
 The kids would try and touch the bubbles on this orange thing. They would jump and reach. They all thought it was a lot of fun.
After dinner, we went home played a little then laid down in the living room and had a nice movie night. Some kids went to bed a little late but most of them fell asleep at a good time.

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