Saturday, May 24, 2008

New Bikes

Travis and I decided that for this summer Brandon and Nathan needed new bikes. Brandon had a small girls bike that was given to us and Nathan had a tiny bike that was stolen. When we got the bikes, both Brandon and Nathan were so proud and couldn't wait to ride them.

The next day after school we went to a near by area that had a nice place where Brandon and Nathan could ride. They were so excited. Brandon rode his bike great and was so fast he had to keep stopping to wait for Mom and Nathan to catch up. Poor Nathan was so fasinated with his pedaling that he would run off the cement onto the grass. I had to keep telling him to watch where he was going.

Brandon was the greatest big brother and was trying so hard to help Nathan. He just couldn't understand why Nathan wouldn't go as fast as he was. You could tell that he was very confused by it. But at one time he stopped and waited until Nathan was right next to him and said, "I'll help you brother, I will keep you safe." It was so cute! Brandon does love his brothers and Nathan just idolized Brandon.
I think we will have such a great time this summer with our bikes.

Mother's Day

I had a wonderful Mother's DAY! It was so fun. Travis was wonderful to me and let me relax all day and did everything in his power to make my day perfect!!

The night before I helped him make my Mothers Day gift with the boys. I love my table cloth and actually have a hard time putting it on the table, I don't want it to be ruined! But I love it. We did it on our kitchen floor and was stupid enough to forget to put something underneath the table! So we have a replica on our floor! Travis also got me a mother's ring. We ordered it the day before Mother's Day so I won't get it until early next month. But I will have to post a picture of it when I get it. I am really excited because I was able to order a ring that will actually stay on my fingure and not fall off!

After coming home from church I got to have a nice nap and then we went over to Grandma Walkers for a dinner of Hot Dogs. The boys had made Grandma a necklace that she loved. The boys had fun making them. We got to count the number of foam beads we put on as well as used a bunch of different shapes.
While at Grandma's Kimball loved to explore and had a blast playing on the floor. New toys! And then while we ate outside the boys just played in the dirt and didn't eat. Boys! Before we went inside we had to hose them off! Okay so not really but we stripped them to their underware and washed their clothing. They were so dirty!
While outside Brandon wanted to take some pictures, so very carefully I allowed him to take some. Needless to say this is the only picture I have of myself on Mothers Day this year. I just usually always have the camera!
Hope everyone had a good Mother's Day!

A little artist in the making! I can't remember wha tI was doing. Doing something for Nathan. I don't think I could understand what he was saying so trying to figure that out! But I love the lookon my face!!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Putting on the Armor of God

On Monday night Nathan had probed Mom to have Family Home Evening (FHE). Well I got an idea from my cousin in California about a lesson she did with putting on the Armor of God. While shopping at the Dollar store I found some foam helmets, shields and swords. Well we had a nice lesson about the Armor of God. Our Sword represented truth, and our Shield represented faith. Brandon and Nathan were extremely excited about it all, and was more than willing to repeat back what each meant as long as they could have them!

Along the way Kimball would watch and see what his brothers were up to as they played with Dad. He even aloud Mom to put a helmet on him as well. It was funny to watch him crawl around watching his older brothers and father. We all had a good time as a family.
Although after the end of the evening after so much play, the shields and swords are now out of use. I guess that is what you get for $1 toys. It was nice though to have nice and safe toys that the boys (Daddy included) could play with and not hurt each other.

I am so thankful for my family and our ability to have FHE and the eagerness that my boys show in having it. I hope that as they grow older they will still find that they enjoy FHE as a family.

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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Family Home Evening

My boys make me so happy!

Monday nights are oour Family Home Evening nights where we do an activity as a family. Lately some Monday nights I am just fed up and don't have time or too tired to do any FHE. (I know just excuses).

Last night Nathan fell down and hurt himself and was saying something that I couldn't understand. I thought he said he wanted me to hold him, but he dragged me out to the living room and kept saying it. After trying to figure out what he was saying I finally said just show me, and he stayed put. Then I finally said "You want Family Home Evening?" and then he nodded his head and said Family Home Evening (now I reconized what he was saying).

It touched me, even though I don't think that my wild boys are listening to me and hate it when I try to make them sit still while I talk to them, Nathan wanted to have FHE. It was a good lesson to me; showing me that my boys do enjoy it.

Travis and I just looked at each other and smiled with pride. Thank goodness our boys keep us on the right path.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Walk Now for Autism

Hendrix family did it!

The much long and awaited day has come. Starting early in the morning and ending just after noon for us on Saturday the Hendrix family completed the 5k walk for autism. Brandon and Nathan had a blast but had a hard time with the fact that it was NOT a race. But had fun with their teachers instead. Kimball slept through most of it while Mom and Dad were completely preoccupied with keeping all kids in sight.

Our Team Giant Steps for the boy's school Giant Steps Autism preschool had about 74 people registered to walk and we had about that many with us on the walk day. We had more of the middle size team with others with over a 100 team members. I think we did good and hopefully got our name out there.

Brandon and Nathan were both able to raise $100 each so received a walk now for autism t-shirt. Another one to add to their collection.

Those in our family who attended with us was Grandma Walker, Aunt Melissa Hendrix and Aunt Katie Jones. We had a blast!

Giant Steps Team