Monday, May 5, 2008

Walk Now for Autism

Hendrix family did it!

The much long and awaited day has come. Starting early in the morning and ending just after noon for us on Saturday the Hendrix family completed the 5k walk for autism. Brandon and Nathan had a blast but had a hard time with the fact that it was NOT a race. But had fun with their teachers instead. Kimball slept through most of it while Mom and Dad were completely preoccupied with keeping all kids in sight.

Our Team Giant Steps for the boy's school Giant Steps Autism preschool had about 74 people registered to walk and we had about that many with us on the walk day. We had more of the middle size team with others with over a 100 team members. I think we did good and hopefully got our name out there.

Brandon and Nathan were both able to raise $100 each so received a walk now for autism t-shirt. Another one to add to their collection.

Those in our family who attended with us was Grandma Walker, Aunt Melissa Hendrix and Aunt Katie Jones. We had a blast!

Giant Steps Team

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Lopez Life said...

I'm glad that it was such a success!!