Sunday, August 30, 2009

Is it worth it?

I couldn't wait to start another quilt so I just happen to be in the area of joann's so I stopped in. I found some cute halloween material to make a cute little lap quilt for the living room for halloween. So I start it that night and what do I do? I cut a chunk of skin off my fingure. I am always so careful, but I wasn't careful enough and I let my figure get knicked!
But reguardless the quilting bug keeps you going, and I have finished some of the quilt already. I still need to put a boarder on it to make it a little bigger, but the hardest part is done. I am going to make this same pattern for Nathan's quilt. He is so excited and is always asking me if I am done with his yet!

So even with my sore fingure, I will still continue because it is so fun! And it looks pretty when you are done!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Flashback Friday

Brandon 2003Nathan 2004

Kimball 2007

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Finished Project

Last night I finished Kimballs quilt!! And I didn't get it done fast enough! Kimball has been bugging me all week for it and would try to steal it, although would let it go when he got poked by a needle. So last night Kimball woke up (by falling out of bed) and so we got him up and comforted him. But by the time he went to bed again he got to take his new blanket with him, and he LOVES it!
We have already become very attached to it, and right now will not share it with any brothers. Nathan is sad and really wants a blanket too, but I have already ordered some more material so that I can make him a quilt too.
No model today, but the floor, although it took me quite a bit to get it away from Kimball and to keep him away long enough to take a picture. My first quilt ever done!

First Day of School

Brandon started school a week ago while Nathan got to stay home and wait a week. Brandon is now a 1st grader, my baby is getting too big! And Nathan is now in Kindergarden. This is not the boy's first years of school, they have been both going to school for the past 2 years and with that help they have improved so much! Brandon goes to the school right across the street for us, so we get to walk to and from school. He tells me that he can walk by himself, but for my comfort I help him a little. So our goal is by the end of the year he can do it all by himself. Nathan was so excited for Brandon and was sad that he had to wait another week to start school. Then when we were leaving Brandon, Kimball started to cry, he wanted Brandon. He knows that when the bus comes they go, but leaving him somewhere, he didn't like. So Nathan started today. My babies are growing up! Brandon's school starts at 8am and Nathan's starts at 9am. So Brandon leaves before Brandon, while we wait for Nathan's bus to take him to a school that has an small autism group kindergarden. He has the exact teacher as Brandon had last year. After Brandon goes to school we have 40 minutes to wait until Nathan's bus comes, so today (and I expect every other day too) we watch some morning cartoons to pass the time.

Last year we rode a "big" bus but this year we get a small one, I rather like the smaller one! Nathan was so excited that he ran out of the door and forgot to give me a kiss! It's okay we will make it up when he gets home! So now I will spend my days as a mother of one child! I am kinda excited because when I run errands it is a whole lot easier. But now Kimball and I can play together and spend one on one time together. Although you would think that since my older kids are gone that I will have a lot of spare time on my hands, but that is not the case. I try to volunteer at least once a week for the boys, or every other week and then other volunteer things that I do for the school. Then my friend and I will be swamping babysitting so we can go volunteer. So needless to say I will still be as busy as I always am. So begins another school year for the Hendrix family!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Almost done!

So reading about all these amazing quilt patterns has me pumped up! So I am in the mood to finish Kimball's quilt! It is just a simple pattern but for my first quilt ever I think it is fairly good! Only a few mistakes but can you find them???

Travis was so kind to model the blanket for me, and keep the kiddos out of the computer room as I pinned it together! What a sweet man!

One More

Okay for those who like to quilt and like to make dresses for little ones *cough, MOM, cough* I found this cute little dress from one of my new favorite blogs, crazy mom quilts. It is so cute and I know that if I have a girl one day i will definately make her one!


I do consider myself some what crafty. I love to crochet and I enjoy making afghan, but now I am trying to make clothing by crocheting them. I always have loved the long sweaters that are knitted, but since I don't know how to knit, I have found a few patterns that are for crocheting. One is more the style I want, and the other is the easiest pattern I could find (okay so I am just not that good, and have taught myself how to read patterns) So I am making two different sweaters to see which one I would perfer!

Then while I was reading my email, a normal daily activity, I was sucked into different web pages and blogs! The majority of the blogs I looked at today were about quilting. Now I bought material to make Travis and I a quilt about 7 months ago, and haven't done anything with it. So when my mother came out to visit I had her show me the basic technique and whatnot. So now I am making two quilts (maybe I just like two). One for Travis and I, although that is taking a back burner while I try to get more material for it (I didn't get enough and now it is too small for our bed!) and I have started a quilt for Kimball. He currently doesn't have any quilts and so I am making him one. He is quite excited because it is with Thomas! (He has become quite obsessed with Thomas the train lately, well okay for the last 6 months at least). So I am finishing that up here and there. But as I was searching blogs I have become inspired to try more quilting ideas. So here comes more projects! I finish one and I just go onto another. I guess I find it relaxing and satisfying to make things.

Here are two different quilts that I want to make. I love the pattern and think they are just awesome! A string quilt and a beno retro quilt. But I will have to wait because funds are not in the budget right now for quilting, but here and there I will begin. But i will make sure that I post my creations during and after they are done.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Camping Trip

This summer we only went camping once, which was okay but we went with family and that made it fun. On the weekend of Nathan's birthday we went to Payson Lake with Uncle Wayne, Aunt Melissa, Uncle John, Aunt Jacque, Cousin Carson, Cousin Riley, Aunt Rose and Uncle Derek. Grandma Walker also came up during the day part, and Grandpa Walker was able to come the first night. Our camp ground was full of nice dirt that little boys were attracted to from the first moment they stepped out of the car. So not too long after arriving at camp, we had dirty children.

Cousin Carson, although you can't tell yet, but he is dirty under that hat! So when we got there, Nathan was so excited because he thought this whole camping trip was for his birthday and it was his party! So why not, it was his party trip! LOL Okay so Travis doesn't like it when I take a lot of pictures. As soon as dinner was over (we had some awesome chicken) Nathan sat his chair in the middle of everyone and kept asking for his presents. No one took the hint fast enough for his liking though. Nathan got some nice presents, that unfortunately caused some fighting between brothers, but in the end they were able to share nicely. This year since we were camping, Uncle Wayne made Nathan a "special cake". This cobbler was so good! Although Nathan did wonder where the ice cream was. John and Jacque and Carson and Riley. What a cute family!Grandma Walker and Kimball, Kimball held still for a moment to let Mommy take a picture!Uncle Wayne and Aunt MelissaIsn't John lucky to have Jacque?You can get a glimpse of Brandon's new "fishing" hat.. After dinner when it was darker most of us went down to the lake (a 5 minute walk down but a 10 minute walk back) to get in some fishing. This is the first time Brandon and Nathan fished. They really liked it but didn't like how boring it was and how after you set it, there wasn't much to do. Nathan was one of the only ones that caught a fish that night. But shortly after Nathan did, Brandon did as well. Brandon didn't even want to stand by the fish or so I was told (I had taken Nathan back to camp to go to bed)Aunt Rose and Grandma Walker, they helped "supervise" the fishing by going back and forth to the different places everyone was fishing at. The next morning after little sleep from both Travis and I (Camping and Kimball don't mesh well) Kimball enjoyed his morning playing in the dirt. I particularly like how he finds it comfortable enough to lay down in. Everyone was excited to start the day again. Fishing was on the agenda that morning and then later swimming in the lake. Swimming was fun and it hit the spot. It was quite warm out, although the water was much too cold at first, but after you got in all the way it cooled you down.

Unfortunately this is where I stopped taking pictures. After little sleep Travis was kind enough to let me take a nap which helped, then he took a nap after me. We all had a nice dinner of hot dogs and chips.

After everyone was done fishing for the night (everyone was able to catch a fish, except for one, which I will leave nameless :D) we all enjoyed sitting around the fire and talked. We rehashed old times and just how much trouble that Wayne, Travis and John were able to get into when they were little.

Unfortunately that night Kimball didn't sleep well and Travis ended up sleeping in the van with Kimball, so that when he was crying he wouldn't wake up too many people. But that next morning after a light breakfast, breaking of the camp was in order. Everyone was ready to go home. We all had a great time and I know that my boys enjoyed themselves very much we were ready to sleep in our nice soft beds and get a nice shower!

Next year we are looking forward to another camping trip like this one, but perhaps doing it in Idaho at Bear Lake. We will see.