Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Camping Trip

This summer we only went camping once, which was okay but we went with family and that made it fun. On the weekend of Nathan's birthday we went to Payson Lake with Uncle Wayne, Aunt Melissa, Uncle John, Aunt Jacque, Cousin Carson, Cousin Riley, Aunt Rose and Uncle Derek. Grandma Walker also came up during the day part, and Grandpa Walker was able to come the first night. Our camp ground was full of nice dirt that little boys were attracted to from the first moment they stepped out of the car. So not too long after arriving at camp, we had dirty children.

Cousin Carson, although you can't tell yet, but he is dirty under that hat! So when we got there, Nathan was so excited because he thought this whole camping trip was for his birthday and it was his party! So why not, it was his party trip! LOL Okay so Travis doesn't like it when I take a lot of pictures. As soon as dinner was over (we had some awesome chicken) Nathan sat his chair in the middle of everyone and kept asking for his presents. No one took the hint fast enough for his liking though. Nathan got some nice presents, that unfortunately caused some fighting between brothers, but in the end they were able to share nicely. This year since we were camping, Uncle Wayne made Nathan a "special cake". This cobbler was so good! Although Nathan did wonder where the ice cream was. John and Jacque and Carson and Riley. What a cute family!Grandma Walker and Kimball, Kimball held still for a moment to let Mommy take a picture!Uncle Wayne and Aunt MelissaIsn't John lucky to have Jacque?You can get a glimpse of Brandon's new "fishing" hat.. After dinner when it was darker most of us went down to the lake (a 5 minute walk down but a 10 minute walk back) to get in some fishing. This is the first time Brandon and Nathan fished. They really liked it but didn't like how boring it was and how after you set it, there wasn't much to do. Nathan was one of the only ones that caught a fish that night. But shortly after Nathan did, Brandon did as well. Brandon didn't even want to stand by the fish or so I was told (I had taken Nathan back to camp to go to bed)Aunt Rose and Grandma Walker, they helped "supervise" the fishing by going back and forth to the different places everyone was fishing at. The next morning after little sleep from both Travis and I (Camping and Kimball don't mesh well) Kimball enjoyed his morning playing in the dirt. I particularly like how he finds it comfortable enough to lay down in. Everyone was excited to start the day again. Fishing was on the agenda that morning and then later swimming in the lake. Swimming was fun and it hit the spot. It was quite warm out, although the water was much too cold at first, but after you got in all the way it cooled you down.

Unfortunately this is where I stopped taking pictures. After little sleep Travis was kind enough to let me take a nap which helped, then he took a nap after me. We all had a nice dinner of hot dogs and chips.

After everyone was done fishing for the night (everyone was able to catch a fish, except for one, which I will leave nameless :D) we all enjoyed sitting around the fire and talked. We rehashed old times and just how much trouble that Wayne, Travis and John were able to get into when they were little.

Unfortunately that night Kimball didn't sleep well and Travis ended up sleeping in the van with Kimball, so that when he was crying he wouldn't wake up too many people. But that next morning after a light breakfast, breaking of the camp was in order. Everyone was ready to go home. We all had a great time and I know that my boys enjoyed themselves very much we were ready to sleep in our nice soft beds and get a nice shower!

Next year we are looking forward to another camping trip like this one, but perhaps doing it in Idaho at Bear Lake. We will see.

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