Sunday, February 28, 2010

Have you ever seen....

Have you ever seen something like this? Well now you have, Brandon reading in the cold on the trampoline!

Friday, February 26, 2010


Next Thursday is the Relief Society dinner, and being in charge of the table, I have been busy making items for the table. Last week I finished making homemade napkins! I used Ashley's tutorial and I really liked how they turned out!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Someone's little boy...

With both Brandon and Nathan at school, Kimball gets the full benefit of Mom and Dad at home with him during the day. (Travis has had his hours switched at work and he now works the late afternoon evening shift). Today Kimball wanted me to help him make a train track.
I am not that good at getting the train tracks even or make sense, but it worked for the 30 minutes that it was together.
ere is Kimball needing my help, and saying "choo choo"
Kimball has something called the "happy dance" where he just jumps up and down. Here he is doing his Happy Dance.
Here is Daddy helping Kimball get those last few tracks in. He was mad (Kimball) because we had ONE loose track!
Yeah we get to play!
Then we went into the computer area, Travis's computer has been having issues so he needed to fix it. Since Kimball is such a Daddy's boy, he is often found on his lap. Today they were eating their "toes". Kimball started bitting his own toes!!
Then he would cry and have Daddy kiss it. This went on for about 4 different times.
Then we were just sad!
But thankfully Daddy was there to help him. He is such a Daddy's Boy!
Who couldn't love this little boy?

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Not so Wordless Wednesday

Thinking about my pets and hair and clothing styles, I thought of these...I am not sure what years these were, but they were about a year between each one, or maybe two.
This is me before competing at the Greeley Stampede. I am guessing I am in about 8th grade. I was riding our horse, Scooter in the Barrel Racing event.  
This is also at the Greeley Stampede, I know that I was almost about to drive or already have my license in this 16ish. Don't I look cool? I believe I was riding our horse, Luke for the Barrel Racing event.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


randon is growing up so fast! I can remember when I first had him and we would take naps together, play, and read books together. I just seems like you blink and they grew another year or two!

The other night we had nachos for dinner and he was so cute eating them and then sucking on his fingures, it reminded me of when he was a baby eating solids for the first time!
He caught me taking pictures of him
He wasn't very happy!
He then tried to come over and take the camera from me. I sure love my Brandon!

Postage Stamp Quilt Block

I finished one block for Heidi's Postage Stamp Quilt along. It takes quite a bit of time to cut it and then sew. Nothing hard but busy work I would guess you would say. I have one block down, 41 more to go!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Family History Monday

Do you remember any fads from your youth? Popular hairstyles? Clothes?

Oh this could be a long one, I am a girl!!
Lets see, when I was young I remember having your bangs flipped back was just AWESOME! So I remember doing my hair like that for a rodeo. I also remember when I was older that BIG bangs were in and the bigger the better. That was about it with the hair. When I was 12ish though, it was popular to have a layered hair style. I do remember hating my hair color because I would be made fun of for it. I was called albino a lot. (But I am happy to say now that I love my hair color)

Clothes...when I was in elementary it was cool to roll up your jeans up. Kinda a fold thing. And then I LOVED wearing the knitt pants that had the straps at the bottom. We would also wear those with socks on the outside and scrunch those up.

When I was in the pre-teens I would wear Rockies...they were and still are a western pants. Also Wranglers when I was in High School. I made sure I looked nice and fit in, but I had my own style, modest dressing and that I guess would stand out. I was also more of a casual person, so I would wear more casual clothes, jeans and a t-shirt. I would only dress up for school when I had a game that day, and the whole team would dress up.

One thing that I think made me more self conscious of my wardrobe, and still even now, is being a "larger" person and not a stick I am always trying to wear things that aren't tight and flatter my body how it is and still wear the "in style" clothing. But as long as I could remember I was always very self conscious of my clothing and hair.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Preparing and Enjoying

This evening after I came home from doing my Visiting Teaching (I go with another Sister/Lady in our church visit other Sisters in the ward) I found my little boys happy and hungry. I sat them down and gave them some chips to munch on. They had hot dogs for dinner so I added a few snacks. They were very happy. I couldn't resist taking a few snap shots of my beautiful boys!
We finished our snacks, had a fudge popcicle and went to bed. I sure love them! Today I was able to hear from a wonderful woman much older than me talk about her experieces with her children. She too has a child with Asperger's Syndrome and Autism. Although her children are older than me, we have a common thread. We both know what it is like to have our dreams changed by our children. We aren't upset with the change but trying to do the best with what has been given to us by our children. One thing that she talked about today was that her children chose to come to her family. It touched me. It made me realize that my little boys wanted to come to Travis and I. They knew what they were getting into, what they needed was a body to go with their spirits and accepted what would be dealt to them. It makes me feel honored to be their mother.

After the kiddos went to bed, Travis and I were able to get in some relax time in. I did what I love the most and that was sewing. Although I didn't get any sewing in, I got a lot of cutting in. I am ready though to start sewing the fabric together for the Postage Stamp Quilt Along.
I can't wait to get started on it!

Another Giveaway

I think I blog search too much, but I like doing it because it gives me inspiration later on. I found another cool blog today Jandi in Stitches. And she has some very nice taste! She loves Moda, and what can I say?? Moda is just AWESOME! She just moved her website from Wordpress to Blogspot. And she is having a great giveaway! So head on over and check it out!
I am using the Hunky Dory fabric for my pin wheel quilt is some very nice fabric! Very colorful!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Blog Giveaway

Audrey over at Pickles & Bacon is having a give away of her new favorite fabric! She hit a soft spot in me not only because she loves the same type of fabric but also because she is studying to become a paramedic. My brother in law, Dave is a paramedic in Idaho and so I have great respect for his profession because I know for a fact that he has helped save many lives.
Head on over to her blog and check it out!!

Pin Wheel Quilt Along Block 1

P.S. I quilt has put up the first block for her Pin Wheel Quilt Along and I was able to make the first block. She had us make two and so I did. I am using just a simple white with leaves on it and Honky Dory from Moda.

New Pet

If you know Kimball; you know that he LOVES his Puppy! He cannot sleep without him and loves to tag him along.
I received a package from Pat yesturday with my goodies that I won from her Valentine's Day Giveaway. Along with the wonderful things was a cute little monkey was in there. Kimball immediately took that and carried it around with him all day!
Then he started this game of hide and seek with it, but it turned into putting Money into jail.
At one time Puppy was in jail too, but mostly it was Monkey
After he tired of the game he continued to carry it around with him. Thanks Pat for the wonderful gifts and the wonderful new toy for my baby! :D Then of course I had to get a picture of Daddy and Kimball. For those who don't know, Kimball is a HUGE Daddy's boy!
My Cute boys!

Friday Night Sew In Results

Yesturday was the Friday Night Sew In and I got a LOT done! I have been working on table decorations for our Relief Society party on March 2nd. So yesturday I took and started making place mats. I decided to do a Maverick star in each corner. They are small, but with 6 placemats to make I ended up making 24 of them. It took a lot longer than I thought. But I have all the tops done, and they are all pinned ready to be quilted together. I did finish one so I could show what they will look like.
Now after these are done I am planning on making napkins and then some pin cushions. Does anyone know some good patterns for a cupcake or cake pin cushions?

Friday, February 19, 2010

A sign of Spring??

It has, well a few days ago began to become warmer and the snow had melted away. To celebrate the warmth we went out side to jump on the trampoline for some time. The boys had such a fun time. Here is a few pictures as well as a video that Brandon insisted that I take of him jumping.
They were playing a game, "get the baby" Kimball loved the game
I then thought that this picture was so funny! Bear in mind that no one was hurt while playing...just a lot of laughing!
My cute Kiddos. I would also like to post a video, but can't seem able to do it. Anyone have advice in that area?