Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Don't you hate....

Don't you hate it when you mess up on a quilt measurements? That is what I did when I figured out my string quilt measurements! I made it half the size it was suppose to be! I was so excited because it was almost done! But after putting it together today I realized that I must have messed up some where. So guess how many more 8" squares of string blocks I get to make.....84 more! Aren't you jealous!

Then to add more to it, I decided that my circle mix quilt along quilt needed to be bigger too, so I need to make more blocks for that too. Not as many, but all the same more. Why do I need to make these quilt tops bigger you ask? So they can fit my bed, and be tucked in at the bottom (We have a foot board at the end of our bed) and so that it can hang off the ends and not have Trav and I fight over the covers.

On a happy note, my Astor Manor Trail quilt top might get done sooner than I hoped! I just ordered another jelly roll from Green Fairy Quilts yesturday and soon I should get it. Then all I need to do is save up to buy the backing for it. I want it to be more of the Astor Manor fabric, so I need to save up money (It can be up to $10 a yard).


Amy and Cody said...

Pricey fabric, but SOOOOOoooo pretty! I'm jealous of all your quilting! Sorry you have to make 84 more, that bites!

Pat said...

I really like the fabric, Crystal. Your quilts will be pretty when you get them done. Now about the math......? It's happened to me too. LOL Hate to admit it. LOL