Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Project Done

Okay so moving into a new place we would like to upgrade some of our stuff, mostly to make it all match. So we decided that the entertainment center needed a face lift. I really liked the natural wood color that it had, but ever since Brandon and Nathan decorated it with fingernail polish, it just hasn't been the same. So with the help of my cousin Amy, she helped me decide what I should do with it. So we (Travis and I) painted it black. The first coat we put on wasn't "black" enough. You would think all black is black but no. So I went and got another type of black and it looked much better. So it got two coats. We haven't decided if we wanted to destress it or not, but after putting the doors back on and the tv in, it got scratched a little, so we might end up getting destressed, but for now it is done. One project can be checked off the list.

Monday, July 28, 2008

24th of July Fun

On the 24th this month we decided to go to a parade in Mapleton. We watched a little parade with Grandma and Grandpa Walker, Uncle Derick and Aunt Rose, and Aunt Melissa and her family. Daddy unfortunately was at work (something about it is only a holiday in Utah). The boys had a great time! The loved that people were throwing candy. They would run into the street and grab some, and then run down the ways from us and get all the candy they could grab. Thankfully it was only elderly people that were sitting next to us so they didn't mind that my boys were grabbing their candy.

After the parade we went to the park there and played games. The boys had a lot of fun, although it was extremely hot and there were tons of people there. We waited in lines that were about 20 minutes long! They had big blow up slides that they wanted to go down. Brandon loved them but Nathan once he found out that they were a little hot he had nothing to do with them, even if he was at the top of the slide and refused to go down and came down the steps instead.

It was a fun day to celebrate the pioneers coming into Utah over a 100 years ago. Even though the boys didn't really understand why there was a parade or games I hope that this will become a tradition that we can continue and when they get to the point where they can understand things more we can talk about our pioneer history.

Spicy Chips

A long time thing in our house is the fact that Nathan and Daddy like spicy things while Brandon and Mommy don't like spicy things. Nathan keeps going on that Kimball likes spicy and tries to get him to eat spicy things, like his favorite chips. Doritos Sweet-Spicy Chips. We always save Kimball from being forced fed chips by Nathan, but today Nathan had a bag of his favorite chips and had them with him all over the house eating. He had finally left them in the hallway. Kimball found them while touring the house scrounging food (he is a bottomless pit). To my surprise he was sitting there eating the chips. It was towards the end of the bag so there were basically crumbs. He was enjoying himself nicely. I think that the chips are so hot so I got him some water to drink as well, but he didn't seem to want it. So Nathan has his wish and Kimball does like Spicy Chips. Nathan is so proud!

Friday, July 25, 2008

My Kimball is getting bigger and it is rather sad. He is my baby and all mothers don't want to their baby's to get older. Well Kimball has now decided that he no longer wants and breast milk from Mommy. I am so sad about this. I feel like I am being rejected. You never know this might be last baby. You never know! I just am so sad that he has decided that bottles are better than mom. But as the days go on, he is getting to be such a big boy. He can now climb up and down the stairs by himself. Such a big boy. And then he likes to play with cars! CARS! Just seems like he should be playing with baby toys, but nope he rather do what his brothers are doing and play with cars. Just growing up. One thing that he really likes now is computers. Another Travis in the making. So we got another keyboard out and let him play with it. He had a hay day! My baby is growing up.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A New Haircut!

I was getting tired of my long hair. It gets quite hot in the summer. So I decided that it was long enough that I could donate my locks and get a cute hair cut!

My friend Shannowa did a wonderful job and gave me a cute cut! I love it! It is nice and breezie! I am having a fun time trying to figure out all the different styles I can do. It is fun!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Fourth of July Fun

This fourth of July we didn't end up doing anything special or exciting. We were too tired with all of the moving that we were doing. So our extent of fireworks was getting sparklers that the boys could hold and play with. We didn't even do a fancy dinner or BBQ. We ended up having pizza for dinner.

Once it was dark enough so that we could see the lights at night we took the boys outside to light the sparklers. It had been awhile since Brandon and Nathan had seen
the sparklers so when we started lighted them they were a little afraid of it all. And it took Mom taking one before they began to loosen up and want one of their own. So Daddy distributed them all while the boys would stand and hold them and look at the light. Not until we were about to run out did the boys realize that they could walk with them and then they thought it would be fun to chase each other with them. I know a fun and "safe" game to play.

Kimball had fun sitting in the back of the van with dad and watching the pretty lights. He was pretty much relaxed and at ease.
It was a fun and relaxing night were we did out little thing. We didn't end up going and watching any fireworks that were going off around, but that was fine with us. Next year we can go and watch the fireworks somewhere but it was nice to take a year off. But we did remember all of what our freedom means to us and the sacrifice that was given so that we can live in this free country. For that we will always be grateful for this nation and those that serve it.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Swimming at School

In the month of June the boys still went to school but every afternoon they would go outside and swim for about an hour. They LOVED it! They always had a great time. Although there were some things that Brandon and Nathan has issues with.
Brandon one day was very concerned and would not swim because one boys was letting the water out of one swimming pool (they had 2 of them) and so the water levels were not even and one has too “little” water. He was so concerned with it that he would not swim in the pool that had the “little” water but would not even swim in the pool that had the normal amount of water in it. He would walk around the pools and scratch his head like he was thinking on how to get the water level up or what he should do. Even with all the attempts that I made to try and get him to get into the water he would scream and holler when I tried.
Then Nathan one day would run around and squirt everyone with water but when anyone tried to squirt him he would get mad. Well one of his teachers thought it would be cool to throw him in the water, well she did (with my permission) and he just had a cow (not literally). Then he would run around telling everyone that he had his head in the water and he didn’t want his nose in the water. So me being the mean mother I am thought it would be very funny to get him into the water again. So I picked him up and dunked his head in the water. Now mind you I did not get his nose in the water at all. Needless to say he didn’t like it at all. HAHA I am such an evil mother. I think deep down he enjoyed it. He jus t liked how I was there.
Kimball had fun at these swimming times, although all the teachers who were sitting down in the shade loved to watch him and hold him. However Kimball is a very big Mommy’s boy, so every time he would see me he would crawl to me as fast as he could. He did not like the water at all. Even though I tried to help him in the water a couple of times he just didn’t like it. I think the water may have been too cold.
Brandon and Nathan’s Last Day of GIANT Steps

Very rarely do I get the boys to stand still so that I can capture a moment, but on the last day of school I threaten them and they stood still for me long enough to caught a few pictures.

This was the only year for Brandon at GIANT Steps but Nathan will be able to go again next year. I am really excited that Nathan gets to go again next year, I think he really needs it and he improved so much this year. Brandon gets to move onto kindergarten. He is very excited about it and is always asking where is new school is.

I love GIANT Steps and how much they help the children as well as the family. I have involved myself a lot with their school and have learned so much more than I would have if I wasn’t as involved. I have learned more on what I can ask for as in services for the boys as well as a bigger look at how GIANT Steps works. I just wish that there were a lot more school like GIANT Steps out there to help the thousands of children affected by autism.