Saturday, July 12, 2008

Fourth of July Fun

This fourth of July we didn't end up doing anything special or exciting. We were too tired with all of the moving that we were doing. So our extent of fireworks was getting sparklers that the boys could hold and play with. We didn't even do a fancy dinner or BBQ. We ended up having pizza for dinner.

Once it was dark enough so that we could see the lights at night we took the boys outside to light the sparklers. It had been awhile since Brandon and Nathan had seen
the sparklers so when we started lighted them they were a little afraid of it all. And it took Mom taking one before they began to loosen up and want one of their own. So Daddy distributed them all while the boys would stand and hold them and look at the light. Not until we were about to run out did the boys realize that they could walk with them and then they thought it would be fun to chase each other with them. I know a fun and "safe" game to play.

Kimball had fun sitting in the back of the van with dad and watching the pretty lights. He was pretty much relaxed and at ease.
It was a fun and relaxing night were we did out little thing. We didn't end up going and watching any fireworks that were going off around, but that was fine with us. Next year we can go and watch the fireworks somewhere but it was nice to take a year off. But we did remember all of what our freedom means to us and the sacrifice that was given so that we can live in this free country. For that we will always be grateful for this nation and those that serve it.

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