Order a Quilt

Want to Order a quilt?

I am pleased to say that I am finally taking orders to make quilts! After researching I found a great way to help those who may not be as "quilter savvy" order a quilt with no hassle!

All quilts are made with high quality quilting fabric, white and warm batting, machine quilted and machine binded (unless otherwise noted).

Turn around time for your order will be 1 to 3 months. This will be from the time that you make your order to the time that it is mailed to you.


To someone like me, I still find it a hard thing to believe how expensive a quilt is to make, and I have been quilting for about 3 years! So I wanted to break down the pricing for you. Prices are determined by the following:

Fabric - approximately $10 a yard
Supplies - $3 to $5 depending on the size of the quilt. This will include the items used to make the quilt, ie. needle, thread, cutting materials.
Batting- I will be using Warm and White which is 100% cotton fibers and is between $12 to $37 depending on the size of your quilt.
Labor - This will be based on how long it takes to make the quilt and the effort that is put into it. I base the labor on either easy, medium or hard. The harder the quilt the more effort and labor required thus a larger price. 


I will take payment through PayPal in either the full balance or split into 2 to 3 payments. Depending on what type of payment plan you would like, I would need either 1/2 or 1/3 of the payment upfront and have received the final payment before your order is sent.

There will be additional charge for shipping that will be calculated once you have made your order. This is not included in the price of the quilt listed.


Custom Quilting: 

If you have another design in mind feel free to order that as well. Feel free to choose from any of my quilts that I have made from the past or even a "cool quilt" that you saw somewhere else!

Once you have finished deciding what type of quilt you would like head on over the Fabric page to find some inspiration!