Thursday, June 14, 2012

Nate the Pirate

On the last week of school, Nate had a Renaissance fair. They could dress up as pirates or princesses. Believe it or not, but Nate did consider dressing as a princess, but I was able to convince him that he could go as a pirate...that I would make him a costume.
 So believe it or not, the night before I made him his hat, sword (well it goes with his lego ninja), eye patch and hook. All crocheted.
 He wore a yard of fabric that I cut a hole in the top and tied a piece of fabric around as a belt and an old handkerchief of his Dad's. I was very impressed with myself and am pleased that we will have it for Halloween if the need arises!
 Here is Nate and his teacher Mrs. Fenn. She dressed as a princess!
 Here he is with a good friend of his, Lucy. Notice his look? That is how "pirates" look!
Then here is his class! I took pictures with his teacher's camera but I accidentally dropped her camera and broke it! Thank goodness the school year is over, I got the feeling that I wasn't her "favorite"! But who could blame her??

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Are your ears pierced?

Are your ears pierced? I had the opportunity to go with my nieces to get their ears pierced a few weeks ago! They were so brave and didn't cry at all!
 Brittney before....
 after! No tears whatsoever! I was so proud of her!
 Brandon sat in the corner of the shop playing on my ipad...he didn't care much what was going on.
 Sierra before....
 after....and guess crying again! I was sure she was going to cry but nope! Just a little bit of watery eyes but that's all!
 They both worked very hard to earn to get their ears pierced! They had to get 50 points each to earn this! It took some time, but they were able to finish earning them while visiting at Grandma Walkers during Mother's Day weekend!
Mommy and her girls!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Finished Swap

I have recently finished another swap! Remember this post? Well I have finished with it and it's being mailed (hopefully received now) by my partner!
 Here it is finished! This is a mini of a larger quilt that I will eventually make for me!
 Here is the back (I wish I could have gotten the label square on back...but oh well)
I also included some red and aqua fat quarters as well as a pillow of the same thing! I really hope she likes it! She liked circles and was going to redo her craft/sewing room and was going to have red and aqua for accents. So hopefully this will go in nicely!

I can't wait to receive mine!

Monday, June 11, 2012

My sleeping boys

 I can't resist taking pictures of sleeping boys! I also like it when my boys take naps!
Kimball sleeping with is Daddy and his new "baby". A cool lego guy I made for him using this tutorial! I have also made some cute ones for Brandon and Nathan...will post pictures of those soon!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Riding Bikes

My boys can ride their bikes!
Since I will be doing a 12 mile bike ride in August for the Triathamom, I needed to get my boys to learn how to ride bikes so that we can go on bike rides!

Well I have already kinda tried to teach Brandon once, but it didn't go to hot, and starting again with Nathan too I decided to use ol' Google and see what everyone else has to say. So I was pleased to fine this video...

So we took of their peddles and lowered the seats (which I think helped the most) and they went to town! Nathan after 5 minutes wanted his peddles back and once he had them on....he was riding all over the place! Brandon seeing this decided that he too can ride a bike since Nathan could!
 To celebrate we rode over to Harmon's to meet Dad and have an ice cream.
 Their ice cream was gone so we settled for some drinks and then went home again.
The boys are doing so good riding! Nathan likes it a little more than Brandon right now but I think it's because it's a little easier for him. Brandon took a couple pretty hard falls but got back up and started riding again! I am so proud of my boys!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Special and Happy

I have created over 7 different quilt designs for the Modabake shop! When creating them I always hope that I am creating something that I like but something others will like as well, so I get very excited when people send me pictures of their quilts using a pattern I designed.

I had a lady, Debra Kanemura, send me a picture of her "All Stars" quilt that she made.

Didn't she do a wonderful job on it? I love the purple she used! Very, very pretty! 

I would love to see more quilts that others have made using the patterns that I have designed, so please share them!