Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Curse the flu! Curse those who gave it to us! YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!! It started with me throwing up early Monday morning. I felt better yesturday and was able to get a few things done. Nathan came home from school and was fine, and then later in the night said his tummy hurt. Thinking that I knew what was coming, I gave Nathan a bowl to carry around with him. Brandon didn't eat dinner, but that is normal, if he is hungry he eats, if not he doesn't. Meanwhile Travis is to be found in the bathroom constantly, and saying that he doesn't feel well.

Nathan goes to bed early after throwing up a few times, he just wants to sleep. I cannot get Brandon to go to bed until after 9:30pm. It is the summer and it will be a few weeks until he starts his summer school so I don't mind. But I wake up to 11pm to hear from Travis who is in the bathroom that Brandon threw up all over his bed. I go in and am immediately hit with that nasty smell. I kick Travis out of our bed to sleep downstairs while Brandon with his bowl come lay down with me. Every hour, on the hour Brandon throws up. He is so tired that he throws up and immediately falls back down. Poor little guy.

This morning Nathan is feeling better, saying his tummy is still not happy but he is acting like himself. So he still has his bowl with him. Brandon is still in my bed sleeping, poor little guy. He has gotten it worse. Travis is still sleeping downstairs. Now far we are safe. He is acting like himself but I will keep a close eye on him, since he has no idea that when you are sick, you throw up in the toliet or a bowl.

So those who have suffered this 24 hour flu, you have my sympathy, and those who have not yet received it, I pray that you don't get it!

Hope you all enjoyed the little update from the Hendrix Household!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


This past month we went to the zoo for Nathan's school field trip. It was me and my three kids! Travis couldn't get off work, but it was okay, my good friend Annie and her husband helped me out! Plus our kids love each other!
Brandon riding the gorilla on the carisole.
Nathan sitting on my lap riding the train.

Nathan riding his zebra!
Brandon and Nathan on the train.....
Kimball on a rino on the carisole. He thought it was awesome, not sure to begin with but ended up not wanting to get off when the time came.
Lucy, Nathan, Brandon and Jackson. They are showing off their beautiful tongues after eating some popcicles.
Nathan and his class! This one of the few class pictures where he isn't crying and trying to get away.
Kimball and his face...he enjoyed his popcicle too much!
This is the train we rode. It takes you on about a 3 minute ride. This is one of the boy's favorite part of the zoo.
The Cambell Family
Nathan and Lucy. They made those hats at school.
This is the bear that Nathan and Lucy are looking at.
Annie and her tongue, this is apparently her favorite popcicle! Lick a color!
Lucy, Nathan, Brandon and Jackson
Kimball found a turtle!
Nathan had been sitting for a minute, but Brandon was getting tired too. I wish I had a 3 seater, so he could have sat, poor guy was tired by the end of the day.
Nathan watching the elephants
Annie, Daphne and Lucy watching the elephants
Kimball watching the elephants
One of the elephants
Branodn and Nathan. Brandon managed to get a map early on and he made sure he told everyone where everything was, we could not go anywhere with out him consulting his map!
Here we are starting out, notice that they are clean!
Daphne, Kimball and Brandon. Brandon HAD to be in the picture too.
Jackson, Nathan, Lucy and Brandon. This is before we entered the zoo

Ice Cream Date

Brandon and I had a chance to have a little date. We went and did an ADHD session with some Doctors from out East. Then we went shopping and Mommy got a new shirt and then Brandon and I went and got some ice cream from Maggie Moo's. IT WAS WONDERFUL! YUMMY! Brandon had fun and he enjoyed his one on one time with Mom. And I enjoyed myself too!

Teacher Appreciation Week

A few weeks ago was Teacher Appreciation week. I was Brandon's room mother. So I gave little gifts through out the week. I honestly adore all of his teachers and am so excited that Nathan will be in this class next year! Teaching is one hard job and these teachers rock!
Mrs. Sears
Mrs. Hadlock
Mrs. Code
Mrs. Nelson
Miss DaleTheir Door Decoration
One of the gifts was a candy bar thank you note!

Autism Walk

This year during the first part of May was Utah's annual Walk for Autism. Once again I was the team captain for Nathan's School, GIANT Steps Autism Preschool. We had over 100 members and raised over $1000.00 as a team. We did awesome this year. Although the walk day came and it was pouring! So needless to say we only had a quarter of our team there, but those who came all had a blast! Our GIANT Steps booth put on by Fogs (Friends of Giant Steps) made quite a bit too! We made over $500 with the show out that we had. This is about twice as much as we made last year!

I would like to thank my family and friends who helped me with this walk, but supporting me or coming to the walk to walk in the rain! It means the world to me that I have the support and love from you all. Autism is not fun but with the support of family, it makes it more bearable! THANK YOU!

Grandma Beazer's House

At the end of April we made our way to Rigby Idaho to visit Travi's Grandma Beazer. Every April the family gets together and we do yard work for her and help her get ready for the spring and summer. It is always fun to get together with everyone from Idaho and those we haven't seen in some time.

The boys had a blast and were every where at once. They had to so much room to play and roam. They had a good time, expecially on the train tracks! They got on a little pully cart and road it all day! Kimball really enjoyed riding the train too!