Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Autism Walk

This year during the first part of May was Utah's annual Walk for Autism. Once again I was the team captain for Nathan's School, GIANT Steps Autism Preschool. We had over 100 members and raised over $1000.00 as a team. We did awesome this year. Although the walk day came and it was pouring! So needless to say we only had a quarter of our team there, but those who came all had a blast! Our GIANT Steps booth put on by Fogs (Friends of Giant Steps) made quite a bit too! We made over $500 with the show out that we had. This is about twice as much as we made last year!

I would like to thank my family and friends who helped me with this walk, but supporting me or coming to the walk to walk in the rain! It means the world to me that I have the support and love from you all. Autism is not fun but with the support of family, it makes it more bearable! THANK YOU!

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