Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Curse the flu! Curse those who gave it to us! YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!! It started with me throwing up early Monday morning. I felt better yesturday and was able to get a few things done. Nathan came home from school and was fine, and then later in the night said his tummy hurt. Thinking that I knew what was coming, I gave Nathan a bowl to carry around with him. Brandon didn't eat dinner, but that is normal, if he is hungry he eats, if not he doesn't. Meanwhile Travis is to be found in the bathroom constantly, and saying that he doesn't feel well.

Nathan goes to bed early after throwing up a few times, he just wants to sleep. I cannot get Brandon to go to bed until after 9:30pm. It is the summer and it will be a few weeks until he starts his summer school so I don't mind. But I wake up to 11pm to hear from Travis who is in the bathroom that Brandon threw up all over his bed. I go in and am immediately hit with that nasty smell. I kick Travis out of our bed to sleep downstairs while Brandon with his bowl come lay down with me. Every hour, on the hour Brandon throws up. He is so tired that he throws up and immediately falls back down. Poor little guy.

This morning Nathan is feeling better, saying his tummy is still not happy but he is acting like himself. So he still has his bowl with him. Brandon is still in my bed sleeping, poor little guy. He has gotten it worse. Travis is still sleeping downstairs. Now far we are safe. He is acting like himself but I will keep a close eye on him, since he has no idea that when you are sick, you throw up in the toliet or a bowl.

So those who have suffered this 24 hour flu, you have my sympathy, and those who have not yet received it, I pray that you don't get it!

Hope you all enjoyed the little update from the Hendrix Household!

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Amy and Cody said...

Glad you are back, and back to blogging again! Sorry that you're whole fam is sick though!!!