Thursday, April 21, 2011

Able to squeeze them in

On Monday my Mom was able to drop by for a quick visit on her way home to Colorado from Idaho. She had spent the weekend with a very good friend of hers in Twin Falls. The wonderful Mom that she is, drove a little out of her way to stop and visit us for a night.

She is always so interested in what I am making, and ALWAYS wants one too! So Monday night, we went to Jo-Anne's and got some fabric.
 I had made this bag for myself a few weeks ago and she fell in love with it. She liked how big it was and wanted another bag to carry around.
 I had a few pockets that I had added, no pattern, just used experience from other projects
So I began working on hers...It did carry on into Tuesday but she was able to go home with a new bag.
 I love the colors she ended up using! It is so pretty! And it fits her very well.
 With experience you do learn what works and what doesn't, so on this one I used interfacing and it made so much difference! She definitely has the better bag now.

She was quite shocked when I said I wanted a picture of her with it. Now she will be able to fit in all of her stuff (and much more!)
 I then showed her the fabric that I got to make my boys and Trav some Easter ties, she wanted me to make some for my Sister, so being the AWESOME sister that I am, I went ahead and made some.
 These are the Easter ties, aren't they cute?? I was able to tweak my own pattern that I made for the Adult tie.
Here is the close up of the pattern. The white dots have more of a yellow color to them in person.
 Then on Sunday I had made this crochet basket and eggs from the Lion Brand Website (just do a google search, it' free).
 She asked if she could have it, and I couldn't say no! So she took the basket and a few eggs.
I think they are super cute! It's also very easy to make so it's won't be hard at all to make me another basket and more eggs!

Thanks again Mom for stopping by! We all enjoyed your visit! It makes me feel good that I can do little things for my Mom now.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Time with Daddy

I should be grateful that Trav has a job again and not complain that he is gone a LOT, but sometimes I do feel sad because he is gone a lot, but that just means we cherish the time we have with him now!

I took these pictures over the last few weeks of the boys with Trav.
 Travis was reading a library book to Kimball, it was so cute to watch them.
 Kimball was so into the book that he didn't even notice me taking pictures of them

To turn the page, Trav made him give him a kiss! It was so cute! Trav is always sneaking in ways to get the boys to give him more loves!!
 Then the other day he came home during dinner time until bedtime (a 2 hour window) to spend some time with the boys mid week. Kimball insisted to eat dinner on Daddy' lap! Then soon Brandon joined in for dessert. They had fun snuggling watching a movie.
Although Daddy did get to catch a few snoozes....working too hard!

I sure do love my husband and how hard he works so that I can stay home and care for our children! I am one lucky woman!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Amost have them all

This past weekend has gone by so fast for me! Then I had my Mom stop by for a night yesterday, so this is the first time I have had to post any pictures of the recent I spy squares that I have received, so here they are!

Group A:

I love the cupcakes and the camping gear
Yeah more dinosaurs! Then look at those berries! So life like!
I really like the cupcakes in this one (do you catch a pattern) and the lady bugs
The purple bird and the horse is cute! I love adding the horse to my selection
I really like the penguins and the spools of thread
Group B:

Look at all of these yummy fruit!!
I love the little blue birds!
The pears or apples in the corner are my favorite
I really like the little boys with the lambs! Reminds me of when I was little (not that I did this, but I would see sheep a lot where I used to live).

I am still waiting on 3 more packages and then I can start sorting and mail them all out! Yeah!

Saturday, April 16, 2011


I am so freakin' exhausted! My arms and legs are so tired and I just feel like I have been working all day! Or just got ran over by a truck.

Since today was so beautiful after I finished my blocks, I decided that I would FINALLY weed my little flower garden.
Earlier this afternoon
This is what it looked like before. A few years ago I had my father in law rota-til this area for me. But I let it go. 
This is what it USED to look like when I first got it. See the pretty rock wall?? Well lets just say Nathan took a lot of my rocks to form his own rock garden home. Also I just had a few tulip plants that I had bought from the store.(Tulips are my most favorite flower)
So remember this....the BEFORE picture.....
Later this afternoon
Now this is what it looks like now!! After a few hours of work in the sun...BEAUTIFUL! This time dug into the ground to try to make my rock wall more into the ground, and hopefully discourage my boys (Nathan) to take them again. Nathan did help me a little bit, but mostly watched me and help my make my rock wall. 

These are some Irises that my Mother in Law gave me. She had tons and said I could take some. So I took...well a lot! These used to be Travis's Great Grandma Beazer's Irises. Travis's Mom took some bulbs when her Mom was clearing out gardens, and now we have some. I hope that I can keep these alive and hopefully give some to my future daughter in laws (or my sons, not picky). Keep the tradition alive. 
The back row is still my tulips. I want to get more tulip plants to put in the back row, so that I can have more tulips, cause well can you really have enough tulips? I want to try and expand my color selection though, I think these are all reds, maybe a yellow.

Now for my gardening friends, when these die out at the end of the spring, is there another type of summer flower that I can plant in my garden bed so I can have flowers all spring/summer long? If I can, what can I plant? This area does get a lot of sun. I am just not good at this stuff....not much experience.

I was also able to go to the store to get some food and stuff for tomorrow and dinner for the boys, now it's bed time and then I can finally just chill and relax and what else? SEW!!! 

Friday Night Sew In Results

I finally feel like I have made some process on my project!!! Last night (and most of Saturday) I spent working on finishing these little blocks....all 132 of them.
Aren't they pretty?? I love how colorful they are!! 
I made 11 of each block and then each wall quilt will have 12 different blocks in them
In the middle I will put each kid's name. I am having each child write their own name and then I will trace it on and then go over it with a permanent marker, unless is there a better method of writing on them? I am not sure but I don't have time to sew in the names. 
After I sew them all together I will put a small border of the puzzle piece fabric. It will be so cute! I can't wait! And hopefully I will have them all done by the 26th, which is the start of our teacher appreciation week for them. We also have a luncheon and a breakfast planned for them. Then the parents are going to send in thank you notes in. 

Now tonight I am going to work on tie making and Easter skirts.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Friday Night Sew In

Tonight the kids are going to go to bed and I will be.....

What are you doing tonight?

A different I-spy swap

Does anyone want to do another i-spy swap?? Connie over at Green Apple Orchard is hosting another i-spy swap if you are interested. There are only 11 spots so head on over fast!!!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Almost Wordless Wednesday

Here are scraps that I have trimmed off my flying geese squares (the star points). I trimmed 548 little rectangles 2" x 3 1/2"

I hope to start assembling my little blocks today.

Monday, April 11, 2011

I got some more....

I received more i spy squares. They didn't pile up on my doorstep but they did fill my mailbox.

Group A:

I love that the little snowmen have patchwork vests on! I also really like the clovers.
I love the sewing squares and the bikes. Aren't they cute?
Group B:

Aren't the candies, they look so yummy! The clocks are sweet too
I absolutely love the dinosaur squares! The cupcakes also make me hungry...yum
Yeah more dinosaur and cupcake squares!! I also like the camper trailers.

The ants look so real!! I like the little tiny hats too.

Out of 40 different sets to receive, I only am waiting on 12 different people. I am so pleased with how fast everyone has sent their fabric! It makes me so happy! 

Sunday, April 10, 2011

I have been working on.....

Well besides all of my other things that I am currently working on (I am afraid to actually write it all down) I am making some small wall quilts and little mug rugs.
For the part time teachers I am making them the mug rugs, and I will sew in all the names of the children in the class. I am still waiting on the kiddos names and stuff. 
I was planning on using my darning foot and writting the kids names on each block, but if worse comes to worse I am going to use a permament marker. 

The larger quilts I am making will be for the full time teachers. They will have smaller stars and have 12 total on them one for each kid in the class. Each block will have the child's hand print as well.
Since this an autism preschool so I used the puzzle print for the borders. I really like these stars with the different colors, the other blocks will have a solid color background and different colored points.
I think I might have to make me a quilt like this, with all of these colors. So pretty!!

If by chance you want to know what school I am referring to here it is: Giant Steps Autism Preschool