Saturday, April 16, 2011


I am so freakin' exhausted! My arms and legs are so tired and I just feel like I have been working all day! Or just got ran over by a truck.

Since today was so beautiful after I finished my blocks, I decided that I would FINALLY weed my little flower garden.
Earlier this afternoon
This is what it looked like before. A few years ago I had my father in law rota-til this area for me. But I let it go. 
This is what it USED to look like when I first got it. See the pretty rock wall?? Well lets just say Nathan took a lot of my rocks to form his own rock garden home. Also I just had a few tulip plants that I had bought from the store.(Tulips are my most favorite flower)
So remember this....the BEFORE picture.....
Later this afternoon
Now this is what it looks like now!! After a few hours of work in the sun...BEAUTIFUL! This time dug into the ground to try to make my rock wall more into the ground, and hopefully discourage my boys (Nathan) to take them again. Nathan did help me a little bit, but mostly watched me and help my make my rock wall. 

These are some Irises that my Mother in Law gave me. She had tons and said I could take some. So I took...well a lot! These used to be Travis's Great Grandma Beazer's Irises. Travis's Mom took some bulbs when her Mom was clearing out gardens, and now we have some. I hope that I can keep these alive and hopefully give some to my future daughter in laws (or my sons, not picky). Keep the tradition alive. 
The back row is still my tulips. I want to get more tulip plants to put in the back row, so that I can have more tulips, cause well can you really have enough tulips? I want to try and expand my color selection though, I think these are all reds, maybe a yellow.

Now for my gardening friends, when these die out at the end of the spring, is there another type of summer flower that I can plant in my garden bed so I can have flowers all spring/summer long? If I can, what can I plant? This area does get a lot of sun. I am just not good at this stuff....not much experience.

I was also able to go to the store to get some food and stuff for tomorrow and dinner for the boys, now it's bed time and then I can finally just chill and relax and what else? SEW!!! 

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badlandsquilts said...

Having something that comes up later to hide the withering tulips is a good idea... Do you know what hardiness zone you are in? I'm in a 4, so if you are the same I would be familiar w/ what might work?