Friday, April 1, 2011

Different ways to pin a quilt

I am not going to 100% recommend this method to pin a quilt, but it may be a different way. Last year I got a long arm sewing machine and a quilt frame. I have had many up and down feelings on this. Sometimes I LOVE it and then other days I just want the throw the whole thing out the window.

Right now my long arm machine is down....the bottom bobbin is having issues and I need to take it in. Just haven't had time to do so. But I have used the frame to pin some quilts. I HATE the quilt tops and junk on the floor, taping, straightening, pinning, and whatnot. I HATE it. My least favorite thing to do with quilting, period. Did I mention that I HATE it?

Well I decided to put the quilt on the frame and try pinning it there. I got tired of leaning under the batting and the top to pin, so I rolled the whole quilt on and then cut the excess off and then roll it back on the frame and continue pinning.

At first it seemed like a BRILLANT idea, because you know I HATE pinning. Now some may be biting their nails now and saying "no, no, no, turn back now!" but I continued on.

I had to actually clamp the bottom part just so I could see what I was doing still! I think it would have been okay, but not 100% sure. The thing is, I always start of pinning awesomingly (yes it is a word....a Crystal word) and then I look and think, dang that is way too much, so I thin it out and then I think I keep thinning out. So needless to say, I don't think I did that well of a job pinning.
So when I got to actually quilting it, the top turned, or my quilting turned. I have no idea! But it didn't go as planned. In fact I have named this quilt......"See what happens when you don't pin right?" I having binded the quilt yet, but will this weekend and then I will so pictures. 

Some may be thinking, well okay heck take out the stitching and redo it. If you are thinking don't know me well. I am more of the type..."oh so that is what happens, okay next time don't do it that way". I rarely pick out seams or heavens quilting stitches!! This quilt isn't one of my "favorites" or my more put together quilts! It is more of a "lesson learned" quilt. 

But on how I pinned it....not 100% sure. I think for sure I will continue to pin the quilts on the frame, but do it like this one....not sure, I doubt it. So learn the hard quilting lessons from me!! PIN MORE!


Amy said...

I LOATHE pinning hahaha, I pretty much loathe everything about quilting once I'm a few hours into it - but forget about that when I get the urge to make another, hahaha.

martilindsey said...

I've only made 3 quilts, all twin or smaller (I just started sewing in like 4 months) and I've pinned one and used quilt as you go (found on youtube shown by the fabulous Jenny at the Missouri Star Quilt Co.) on the other two.

I find the quilt as you go to be sooo much easier. If I want to add quilt lines, I can go back and add them later. The pinning seems like just a bunch of extra work to me. Who knows....I'm such a rookie that I might not know enough to make an informed opinion.

Thanks for showing another technique! THis is how I;m learning to sew and quilt.

Marti in San Diego

Brandy@YDK said...

Every step I get to- I say I hate this part. This is dumb. Cutting sucks. Binding is a pain. The only thing I like is buying the fabric. ;)

fialka012 said...