Friday, December 31, 2010

Boys Christmas Assembly

The boys had a Christmas Assembly the other day (okay weeks ago). Being the first year of the Charter School, they haven't gotten it down pack, but Grandma Walker and Aunt April and her girls came to watch. There were kids dancing and then the grades sang songs.
 Brandon got to sit with us, so he could personally sing the songs to us
 Can we see Nathan??
He stayed with his class, he was SO good! I was so proud of him! He stayed in his seat the while time as well as participated! So much better than the last time.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Sneak Peak

Here is a little sneak peak of what I have been working on the last few days. Instead of cleaning my house (or keeping it clean) I have been sewing. It's been nice and relaxing until the end of the day when my back has been KILLING me. Oh well I rather keep sewing!
I have been working on my Moda project, just need to baste, pin and quilt it now. (my sewing machine and cutting board is by my computer)

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Favorite 2010 Quilts

This year has gone by so fast! I can't believe that this year will come to and end on Friday! I am once again way behind on my posts, and have lots of things I need to post still from Christmas and gifts that I have made that I can now post, so hopefully soon I can start getting caught up on my posts.

I wanted to post some of the projects that I WISH I could have gotten to this year but just didn't make it. I would like to say that I will definately get it in next year but I cannot say for sure. Next year I am going to finish all the WIP quilts that I have piled around my house. I am going to try and make a list on the side so I can keep track as well as everyone else, maybe if I know that there are people there checking up on me I will actually get it done!
This is a block that I have WANTED to make but haven't been able to find the instructions, but really it's pretty easy if you just look at it. I would love to see what this would look like in a full quilt but also a baby quilt, but make this one block much larger. I think this would be great to use up some of my precious Moda scraps.
I don't know where I found this picture. I just google quilt pictures as well as surf blogs to find things that I like. I get inspiration and ideas for quilts as well as find things that I would just like to make. Since Autism is a puzzle, the puzzle is it's thing so I would love to make this and donate it for a charrity event or just make it for me. I have wanted to make this but just haven't had time yet. Once again scraps would be good with this one. 
This was the other quilt that I really wanted to make. It's by Jaybird quilts. It appeared in a magazine and this is actually the first pattern that I saw and HAD to have it. I love poka dots and this just seems like my type of quilt. I bought the magazine with the instructions and so when I actually have time to make this I can! 

What is your favorite quilt? I would like to see more quilts and just see what the current "favorite" is too!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Decorating the Christmas tree

I am finally posting pictures from when we decorated the Christmas tree. I have to admit that I really didn't want to, just seems like a lot of extra work that I would rather spend else where.

 We decided to go with a little tree this year....which I was very grateful for!
 Kimball would run around and try to get into every picture and say "cheese"

 We turned it into a family home evening and started a fire in the pit! Very nice and cozy!
 Nathan was in charge and we talked about baby Jesus.
 Kimball really liked decorating but he was just so short.
 The older boys did a little, but kept getting side tracked.
 Tada! The Hendrix Family Christmas Tree 2010!
 I love this picture, Kimball covering Brandon's mouth to stop him from saying cheese and Nathan frowning for some unknown reason.
 He brightened up quickly though when I said I had m&m's.
 Brandon was a good sport the whole time (he is usually like that these days, I am VERY grateful for that)
 Kimball just had a lot of fun with it all.
 Another favorite of the kids! This is just how they are! I think Brandon is showing off his lego man.
 Then we had a little train at the bottom on the floor it didn't last long but maybe it will come out again on Christmas eve.
I thought that this was a very good picture of it. Kimball and the rest of the boys were very excited to play watch it.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Moose Poop

I was making some holiday candy the other day and didn't quite get it all finished in one day. So I was packaging them up to finish the next day, but when I did it didn't look like candy, it looked like moose poop!
 These are actually the middle part of a truffle! (I bet most already knew that)
My sister in law on Sunday had some and they were so good! Guess what they are made out of....OREOs!! Cool eh??

It is 1 package of oreo's (I think the mint ones might be so yummy!) 1 package of cream cheese, blend oreos in a blender or food processor and then mix together with the softened cream cheese. Roll up into moose poop balls and then dip into any chocolate and decorate top in any way! (I don't have a finished pictures sorry). Enjoy! :D

Sunday, December 19, 2010

October Bee Blocks

This fall I have slacked white a bit! My poor bee members! Hopefully they have forgiven me.

Here are Ursula's block from the Live Laugh Sew Bee Group
 She asked for flying geese blocks. So I did one and then tried my hand at a circle flying geese block. It is paper pieced and I like it so much that I am going to make some for me!
 On the paper piece that I used it said it made a 12" block, but when I got done putting them all together it turned out it was a 15"block :( Since I was already so late and having problems I decided to send it to her and hope she forgives me and can use it still.
She is making this quilt for a little boy, and I think (hope) that he likes these blocks and that they will go well with the other blocks!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas Party

Our church had a Christmas party a week ago. It was fun to visit and eat good food! They had the nursery kids (18 months to 3 yrs) since some songs for us. It was very cute to watch!
 Since Kimball is in the nursery he was able to sing, although he didn't sing.
 He was mostly confused and just stood there. You could hear Nathan next to me yelling at him to sing. He would say "Sing Baby, Sing" (He calls Kimball baby sometimes. He pretends he is the Mom and Kimball is the baby).
He was cute standing there. Nathan was so mad at him though because he didn't sing, I had to remind him that when he is usually is in front of people he never sings either. I then had to remind him that I was the Mom and he wasn't.

Friday Night Sew In Results

It seems I am running on a bit of bad luck! Every Friday Night Sew In, no matter how much I try to plan and prepare, something ends up happening and I can't spend all the time I want sewing! Grr!! Now I can't remember what the last problems were but tonight it was......


Okay so it died!! So I wasn't able to really sit down and sew until 9pm (I know, I tried to sit down and sew at 7pm but had to go visit a sick Sister in the hospital). Then I made 1 block and I messed it up!! GRRR. Oh well. I was glad I was able to sit down and sew just for me for a little bit.

Here is a peak at what I did. I worked on my latest Moda project so I can't show you everything, but I wanted to show a little.

SMS Giveaway winners!

I want to say thank you to EVERYONE who entered the giveaway! I really appreciate all of your input on pricing as well as your lovely choices of the quilts! :D

The winners are:
Prize #1: Purple crochet bag

#33Blogger Skooks said...
What a cool bag! I would think that $25-30 seems like an appropriate range. Looks like most of the commenters here agree with me. Glad to have you as a new follower too! :)

Prize #2: Surprise!!!
#13 Blogger Lori said...
I love the pinwheel sampler quilt the best. You have made some pretty nice quilts. Very impressive.

I probably would pay 20 to 30 for the purse. It would largely depend on how much I liked the colors.

I will contact both theses ladies now, if I don't hear from them by 8pm MST I will draw a new winner! :D

Congratulations ladies!!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Friday Night Sew In

Tonight is Friday Night Sew In, and I have been looking forward to this all week! I did have great plans to get the house picked up, finish up the last sewing for Christmas so that I can work on a quilt (non-christmas) but what happens?? I took a nap!! Now the nap was great (3 hour nap, thank you very much) but didn't get everything done. So what am I going to do???
1.Make my boys clean up (living room and their rooms)
2. Serve left over chili with hot dogs for dinner
3. Finish my christmas sewing after I get home from picking up said boys from school
4. Live with a dirty house until tomorrow and still work on my quilt!

Sounds good to me!! If you haven't signed up, head over to Heidi Homemade, or is it Homemade Heidi? It's Handmade by Heidi! (I was close) And sign up!

More Christmas Projects

***Today is the last day to enter the Sew Mama Sew Giveway, It will close tonight at 7pm, MST. So please feel free to enter, Here. ***

Tuesday I was able to finish making my gifts for our gift exchange we are having next week in Colorado.
 For the boy's gift I decided to make some rice packs, that way they can use it after work or however they wish. Most of guys in the gift exchange are big western fan so I used my horse fabric for one, and then some left over brown batik, it looks like a log! (Well sorta)
Isn't Travis a beautiful model? That's why I married him of course! 

Then my Mom asked me on Monday if I would be nice and make her an apron! I made my sister one for Mother's day this year and my Mom has really liked it since. So I made aprons!
 4 to be exact! It wasn't to bad cutting because I had enough fabric that I could just double it over to get two sets.
 I figured since I don't have one that I would make one for me as well! I liked this back with pink and other color strips. Then I found some hot pink scraps.
Then one of my Mom's favorite colors is green, so I took some different colored greens to make some. In these pictures you can't see them very well but they did turn out very cute.
 I have my little model Kimball showing them off for me (I am sure you are grateful since you don't want to see me model)
 I am glad that I can alter them for the kiddos to wear if needs be.
 In this one you can see the green a little better.
It's a raining aprons! (hehe)
Now with those done I am little closer to being finished with Christmas gifts! Now I just need to finish a wall quilt, and pj's! YEAH!! (opps I forgot that I am crocheting horses and bears) So sewing gifts are almost done!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Some Christmas gifts

If your looking for the Sew Mama Sew Giveaway Here

Monday I was able to finish up on a Christmas gift I had been working on.

 This is a jean bag that I have been working on for a gift exchange next week.
 I used left over jeans from the boys (5 pairs) they had whole in the knees so I put them in a pile to use to make a jean quilt one of these days.
 I used the back pockets from the back and used them as pockets for the front.
 I was able to leave a tab on one so that they could hook something on it if they want
For the inside I used a heavy cow print fabric. I added a few pockets for the inside.

I think whoever ends up with this will really like it :D Travis really likes it and wishes we could keep it. The bag is about 20"x20". So a nice big and strong bag !