Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Festival of Tree's Part Two

I am not sure if they have always had quilts donated at the Festival of Tree's, but I noticed it last year and was so pleased to see that the quilts donated had DOUBLED! I might donate one this next year if I can....that would be nice!

So as we were walking by, I was quite surprised to see this quilt...
Do we remember where we saw this quilt??? At the Moda Bake Shop....created by who?? ME!! I was so excited! It completely made my day that someone had used my quilt pattern! I was so honored! 
I had to get my picture with it! Does this mean I am famous? Only in my dreams?? Okay.....

Here are some other quilts that I saw and really liked. I will definitely be adding them to my "someday make" pile.

Then do you know where else you have seen these quilts??

 I felt really cool that I knew some of these creators! (These are also in my "someday make" pile)

Then I saw this cute advent quilt. I am always on the lookout for one
You just add the pieces (you can use cardboard or fabric) to a button on th tree

Then while looking at the different trees, I saw a really cool tree skirt that you could use and make a doll quilt or a wall hanging. I just liked the design and wanted to remember it
Cute house and fence. 

I love that I see quilts everywhere! Living in Utah, there are MANY quilters, sewers, crocheters, knitters....you name it. I would like to say that we are a pretty crafty state. 


Amy said...

Crystal - that TOTALLY means you are famous. Congratulations, that is SO cool and such a beautiful quilt!!

Lopez Life said...

That is so cool that you saw YOUR pattern there!!! I say your famous!