Monday, December 6, 2010

Festival of Tree's Part One

It has become a family tradition to go to the Festival of Tree's. Everyone gets the day off (if they can) and we all go. It's a long and fun day.

Here are some of the cool different tree's that I saw....
 Nice sewing tree....what a great idea to use your empty spools of thread!
 Cute gingerbread house
 I mostly got this because I knew that my little nephew would like it. It went with a cowboy tree
 I thought that this was a cute tree! A snowman tree! My mom would like this one!
 This was a cool one, these trees were bent over and you have Santa surfing in them. It was really cool.
 I saw this ornament and thought it was so cute! Too bad it's glass! I wish we had plastic light bulbs!
Here was another sewing tree....very cute!
 Carson (nephew) holding Aunt Melissa's hand
 Kimball (he had his stroller in case he got tired)
 Aunt Rose and Uncle Derek
 Riley (niece) and Uncle Derek
 Riley (niece) and Carson (nephew) they are so cute and actually pose for the camera!!
 Aunt Rose and Brandon (His Auntie loves him SO much! She has such great patience with him and is always patient with him and his little quirks....I just love it!)
 Grandma and Grandpa Walker
 Kimball and Daddy
 Me and Brandon
Uncle Derek, Aunt Rose, Grandpa Walker, Grandma Walker, Brandon, Daddy (We take breaks from walking around and sit and watch the entertainment - such as dancing and singing)

Those who were not in the photos (due to my lack of picture taking as well and quality of pictures taken) Aunt Jacque, Uncle Derek, Aunt Melissa and Uncle Wayne.
I think this is soo cute.... Nathan in the beginning....
Nathan at the end....he was SO tired!

Different pictures of us looking at the many pretty trees.....

 This was Nathan's favorite, and he is mad here because he couldn't go play with it.
 Kimball found a train
 All the boys watching the train

During the time day we take the kiddos over to the kiddy area and they make crafts and play games...
 Kimball was content to stay in his stroller and play with the iPod (he is surprisingly good at it)
 Nathan ran around spending all of his tickets right away having fun....

While Brandon took his time walking around and deciding what he wanted to do.

 Grandma stayed with Brandon while he did his crafts. He wanted a bag to put his things in...he remembered from last year
 Then afterwards we got some balloons. They all got swords of course.....
 We had to go out in the open so they wouldn't hit anyone.....this is Nathan doing the "By the power of Gray Skull" from HeMan
 They got a cool little belt to hold their swords....too bad they popped pretty quickly
 Uncle Derek had fun playing with Kimball and our traditional "sparklies"
The boys had a good time playing with their swords...I had to say sorry to so many people we passed! I should just create a sign that says sorry....or better yet create a shirt that says sorry!
 In an effort to keep Nathan happy, I let him take the camera and take a few pictures. He did pretty well over is his lovely foot...I mean this is important stuff!!
But in the end he was able to grab a pretty good picture of Mommy....

Your probably thinking with all of these pictures, how could I have more??? Well I do!! HEHEHE

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