Friday, December 17, 2010

More Christmas Projects

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Tuesday I was able to finish making my gifts for our gift exchange we are having next week in Colorado.
 For the boy's gift I decided to make some rice packs, that way they can use it after work or however they wish. Most of guys in the gift exchange are big western fan so I used my horse fabric for one, and then some left over brown batik, it looks like a log! (Well sorta)
Isn't Travis a beautiful model? That's why I married him of course! 

Then my Mom asked me on Monday if I would be nice and make her an apron! I made my sister one for Mother's day this year and my Mom has really liked it since. So I made aprons!
 4 to be exact! It wasn't to bad cutting because I had enough fabric that I could just double it over to get two sets.
 I figured since I don't have one that I would make one for me as well! I liked this back with pink and other color strips. Then I found some hot pink scraps.
Then one of my Mom's favorite colors is green, so I took some different colored greens to make some. In these pictures you can't see them very well but they did turn out very cute.
 I have my little model Kimball showing them off for me (I am sure you are grateful since you don't want to see me model)
 I am glad that I can alter them for the kiddos to wear if needs be.
 In this one you can see the green a little better.
It's a raining aprons! (hehe)
Now with those done I am little closer to being finished with Christmas gifts! Now I just need to finish a wall quilt, and pj's! YEAH!! (opps I forgot that I am crocheting horses and bears) So sewing gifts are almost done!


affectioknit said...

Your aprons are lovely! I have one of those neck wraps...I actually use it more often as a footwarmer for the bed...

Stephen and Heather said...

Crystal, you should do a tutorial on your aprons. I have seen a few but haven't had the guts to sew one for myself yet. I don't have your talent for sewing.