Friday, January 30, 2009

Flash Back Friday

This is the first time that my family met Travis. November 2001 Crystal, Travis, Tiffany

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Brandon's Mouth

Okay I must be the worst mother in the world.....

Brandon has a very hard time getting dressed in the morning. I don't know if it is because he cannot organize properly, he doesn't want to go to school, if he just cannot focus or what. I have tried many things to help him, and am continually trying things to help him get dressed in the mornings so he doesn't wonder around the house naked. So this sets the stage.

This morning is like any other, we cannot get dressed. I am constantly telling him to get dressed, every 2 minutes. "Your going to miss the bus, get dressed". This goes on for 30 minutes. At which time I go upstairs to get Nathan some more medicine. (which he never ended up receiving today) and I hear this crying, I am getting rather mad (okay so I have been mad for the last 30 minutes) but I say "Now what?" As I turn I see Brandon's mouth full of blood and blood all over his body, his naked body. So we go and rinse out his mouth, he gets on some underwear and I look in his mouth. I pull up his already puffy upper lip to see a rather large hole in his upper lip.

At this time I am still not that happy, thinking okay he will be fine and all is well but then after I see the hole, okay we will go see dad at work and see what he says. So mind you Brandon is still crying, and still not dressed. So after getting dressed myself and getting Kimball dressed, I end up dressing Brandon. We get in the car and we drive to dad's work, crying the whole way there and fighting with Kimball, because he knows what he is doing and he is "touching" Brandon.

Dad comes out to see us and takes one look and says "he needs to go see the doctor". So we drive down to the doctors, a 20 minute drive and half way there Brandon starts laughing and playing with Kimball. I am thinking okay maybe we are just thinking it is worse than it is, oh well we will see. We get to the doctors and wait for a few minutes and get to go back. And we get some good meds and some numbing medicine that Brandon can put on his lip. That helps while the doctor looks at his lip.

"Well with a cut like this, you usually don't need stitches because it will heal on it's own."

"But his teeth get caught on it."

"Well we can try some bio-gradable string that will dissolve in a few days."

So yeah, Brandon gets stitches. Travis and I don't know how many stitches he has because we weren't looking and didn't want to look. I was in the corner of the room holding Kimball (he wanted to get down and run) and Travis was busy laying on Brandon trying to get him not to move with his head turned. Travis doesn't do too well with blood.

All in all Brandon did very well. He held very still with some help while he got a shot and got some stitches. During this time, his ADHD medication hadn't kicked in yet, so he was still wiggly. But on the ride home he became calm and so by the time we got home and inside he is looking drugged. So when I tried to get a few more picture of him, he looks wasted. But I swear it was just the pain killers that he has and his ADHD medication.

He was a good brave boy, and when I asked if he wanted to help me take out the trash, he asked if I needed a "big tough boy". Ahh my little boy is growing up, even if he still refuses to get himself dressed in the morning.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Anyone want a Chocolate Chip cookie?

Today I decided I would be a good wife and mother and have chocolate chip cookies for Nathan and Brandon when they get home and for when Travis gets home from work. I usually don't make cookies lately because I end up eating them all! But I have only made a few cookies right now, and the dough is in the fridge for when I feel like making more. Now I couldn't resist taking pictures of Kimball eating the spoon and eating. He wasn't too happy when I took away the spoon and washed his face, but became very happy when I gave him a cooked cookie. He was in seventh heaven with his milk and cookie.

We had a lot of fun. I turned on the radio while making the cookies and started dancing in the kitchen, Kimball got a great kick out of that. I normally don't dance well so in the privacy of my own kitchen and have Kimball watch, naturally I am wonderful in every aspect, so Kimball I am proud to say loves my dancing!

Wordless Wednesday

My family seems to be doing a Wordless Wednesday, so I figured that this is something that I might try.

Monday, January 26, 2009

New Scriptures

I decided a few weeks ago that I was going to get a new pair of scriptures to mark and give me a way to study better. When we were at the distrabution Center I decided to get the boys each their own hard back Book of Mormon. We had their names printed on them and man were they excited! They thought they were some hot stuff with them, and they are. We have been reading 2 verses each night out of our new scriptures. Brandon is learning to read and so he reads his verse while Daddy has Nathan repeat after him. Their new scriptures help them get more excited to read every night! My little boys are growing up!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Martin Luther King Day

On Martin Luther King day, we had a play date at Carls Jr. because when you have all of your kids home on a school day you need things to do. We go there at 11am and stayed until 1:30pm! When we get talking, we don't stop. The kids had a great time too. My friend Annie and her 3 kids came as well as my friend Lindsay came with her 3 kids.

It is nice to have friends that you can call and text to say, hey I need to get out of the house lets meet some where or lets have a play date today. We also know what each other are going through since we all have autistic children. We have all gathered the same type of humor when it comes to our children. After telling my sister that I was having a girls night out, she told me that I have a LOT of those nights out. It is nice to have friends to go out with and also to have a supportive husband that lets me go out. I am very lucky.

Kimball and Daphne playing in the play area
My friend Lindsay, she is the one that took our beautiful family pictures
My friend Annie, she is a life saver for me

The future couple, Lucy and Nathan
Jackson and Brandon, Jackson is Annie's son

Daphne and Kimball eating, Kimball tried to eat her fries, but Daphne set him straight and he got the picture that she doesn't share her fries.

New Camera

I got a new camera from club live the other day (you play games to win prizes) and so before school while we were waiting for the buses to come, I took it out to test it and play with it. If anyone knows me, I go through a lot of cameras. In the 7 years that Travis and I have been married, I believe we have had at least 5 cameras. So I figure an extra camera is worth having around.
I just have to say that just sitting and taking different shots of the boys playing in the morning is fun to do. They are so cute and run and you can see that they are truly happy. If we all could have their free spirit, I think this world would be a better place.

Love of His Life

Nathan has an obsession, and her name is Lucy. HE LOVES LUCY! I do use Lucy as a reinforcement to get him to do what he is suppose to do. We also like to have Lucy over for play dates too. So one day she was here and they all were wearing costumes. They would change them every 2 minutes, but what do you expect. I couldn't resist taking a few pictures of Lucy. They both think that they will get married one day. I won't mind, I love Lucy too and I like her Mom a little too. But where it goes, no body knows.

My Silly Boys

The other Sunday we had some extra time, and I realized that I didn't get the boys' picture in their Christmas cloths. So I had them all sit on the couch so I could take their pictures, it was rather hard to get them to sit still. I took as many pictures as fast as I could, and I managed to get at least 1 or 2 good pictures. But I love all of them because they are my boys and I love them as I are.

Just like his Daddy

One of Bradon's favorite things to do is to play computer. He is extremely good at it, he is "gifted" at it and can do all the games at school. His favorite game to play at home is Lego Batman. Sometimes when he is the mood, he goes online and looks up Sonic the Hedgehog, Spiderman and any other comic book heros. He goes to google and types in the names, he is very smart and memorizes the names. He is just like his Daddy.

Kimball as Bumble Bee?

When Brandon and Nathan go to school, it is then Kimball's turn to play with all of their toys and not have them taken away from them. So one day he got a hold of Brandon's Bumble Bee mask. He had a hard time trying to get it on. Once Mommy helped him put it on, he would promptly take it off. SillyKid.

Batman Nathan

Nathan got a batman costume from Santa this year and Nathan has loved it! He got the costume AND pajamas, he was a VERY good boy! Here is him posing very nicely to show Mommy his Batman hook. The hook might just disappear soon, it is a little too good at being a Batman's toy.
(I like his red eyes under the mask)

Brandon's Birthday

My baby is now 6 years old! I am so sad to see him grow up! We had just got home from Colorado the day before so we were all tired on his birthday. We went to McDonald's for lunch. One of Brandon's favorite places to go. He likes it for the toy and play on the equipment. Grandma and Grandpa Walker and Aunt Rose and Uncle Derek came to eat lunch with us and to play.

Later that night we went to Grandma and Grandpa Walkers house to eat pancakes and bacon and eggs. We got to open late Christmas presents and eat cake and ice cream too. Brandon and Nathan were very excited to get to open presents. We all had a fun time and Kimball has seemed to enjoy the presents the most.

Kimball fell asleep at McDonald's, he was pooped
Nathan loves his new sweater
Birthday Boy and Daddy

Aunt Melissa helping Nathan open presents
Kimball loved this new ball
Grandma and Grandpa watching all the excitement

Aunt Rosie and Kimball had a great time playing
Brandon's Iron Man cake. It was really good!
Brandon was so excited to open presents. Nathan liked it too!
Kimball was content just sitting with Uncle Wayne

Uncle Derek was excited about the presents too....maybe too excited

Uncle Wayne was trying new hats on
Kimball didn't like the hat too much

He liked Uncle Derek's hat more. And found his new favorite toy, a walking and talking robot