Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Martin Luther King Day

On Martin Luther King day, we had a play date at Carls Jr. because when you have all of your kids home on a school day you need things to do. We go there at 11am and stayed until 1:30pm! When we get talking, we don't stop. The kids had a great time too. My friend Annie and her 3 kids came as well as my friend Lindsay came with her 3 kids.

It is nice to have friends that you can call and text to say, hey I need to get out of the house lets meet some where or lets have a play date today. We also know what each other are going through since we all have autistic children. We have all gathered the same type of humor when it comes to our children. After telling my sister that I was having a girls night out, she told me that I have a LOT of those nights out. It is nice to have friends to go out with and also to have a supportive husband that lets me go out. I am very lucky.

Kimball and Daphne playing in the play area
My friend Lindsay, she is the one that took our beautiful family pictures
My friend Annie, she is a life saver for me

The future couple, Lucy and Nathan
Jackson and Brandon, Jackson is Annie's son

Daphne and Kimball eating, Kimball tried to eat her fries, but Daphne set him straight and he got the picture that she doesn't share her fries.

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