Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Anyone want a Chocolate Chip cookie?

Today I decided I would be a good wife and mother and have chocolate chip cookies for Nathan and Brandon when they get home and for when Travis gets home from work. I usually don't make cookies lately because I end up eating them all! But I have only made a few cookies right now, and the dough is in the fridge for when I feel like making more. Now I couldn't resist taking pictures of Kimball eating the spoon and eating. He wasn't too happy when I took away the spoon and washed his face, but became very happy when I gave him a cooked cookie. He was in seventh heaven with his milk and cookie.

We had a lot of fun. I turned on the radio while making the cookies and started dancing in the kitchen, Kimball got a great kick out of that. I normally don't dance well so in the privacy of my own kitchen and have Kimball watch, naturally I am wonderful in every aspect, so Kimball I am proud to say loves my dancing!

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Lopez Life said...

That's cute!! I like the crying picture, then the next he's all happy with a cookie!!