Friday, February 28, 2014

Family Scriptures

Last year sometime (I can't remember!) Trav decided that we needed to read scriptures every night as a family so we have since than read a verse each. Since Kimball can't read yet (he is getting close) he just repeats after Travis or I. It hasn't been 100% but we have been truckin' along! We are currently in Omni (Book of Mormon) right now! We won't be done for some time but that's okay. We are reading as a family and we can tell a big difference of when we read the scriptures as a family and when we don't. The boys have also become better readers for it as well! I hope we can continue this always!
 The boys are happy that they got a tablet for Christmas because they can be like Mom and Dad and read them electronically.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

We Love Lincoln

I am not very good at taking pictures and when I do take them I take about 20 of the same pose hoping that at least one is good! But than we add that I use my phone since it has a pretty decent camera on it....and I sometimes do well and other times terribly!

As I was putting them on the computer I realized that I have a lot of pictures of us loving Lincoln. We sure do love our Lincoln and are happy that Heavenly Father sent him to us!

I can't say 100% that Lincoln is our last one but as far as we know he is for now. It's amazing that you can feel complete as a family but than add another child and you than can't imagine life without the newest one! I have felt that way with every boy that we have added to our family. I am so grateful for Lincoln but am also grateful for such a loving family! I love to see the love that our boys show their newest brother every day! We love our Lincoln! 

Monday, February 24, 2014

Silly Kitty

So Catie has a cat...but we have all kinda have adopted her as our own. Her name is Kitty and Dinner. While we were all trying to come up with a name for her Trav decided to call her Dinner as a joke. Than Brandon HATED it and to tease/help him understand that names can be different Trav decided to keep calling her dinner. But in the end we named her Kitty. Although she does respond to both Kitty and Dinner.

She is a silly and jealous kitty that likes to hang on you and sit in Lincoln's things.

 Whenever I start sewing she HAS to be right there....
She also likes to sit on Trav while he works. This is a recent thing.
Trav doesn't mind as long as she can keep her balance.
We then found her in Lincoln's bouncer! Just snoozing away!
Looking at these from last month....she is even bigger now! 
Here she is in Lincoln's swing in the computer/sewing room.

We will be sad to see her go when Catie moves out. But when that happens I am guessing it will depend on if her new place allows pets. Around here it is hard but we will see. This is the first time I've lived with a cat in 13 years. I've missed them but I must admit I am not enjoying the kitty litter smells :D

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Cute little boys

We went for a walk last month and to play at the park.
 Before Lincoln was born I made him a little hat. It is suppose to have little ears attached like his brothers but this is what we have.
 He was so cute in it!

 Than I had to get a picture of the older boys with him! They look so cute in all of their hats!
 Kimball just loves his little brother! And he is so gentle with him!

I just love this little hat. I probably won't get ears on it since I will probably have to make another one next winter to match his brothers. They do like to have the same things as each other!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Making a Lake?

Last month we found our backyard trying to become a lake! A pipe broke! We were told later by the city that we are suppose to turn off the water line to said pipes but since we just moved in, we can forgive ourselves!
We have decided that we will level this area out this spring/summer....

 It happened after Trav took the boys to the bus stop that morning, but as you can see it started to go fast. Trav braved the freezing cold water to move the cars.

 Once the water was turned off with the help of the city (thankfully they came right away and were in the area!) Travis had to move Catie's car because she had to go to either work or school...I can't remember which.
But of course he got stuck on the ice! He had a little fun playing in the water. We ended up having me go out there and give a little push. It did the trick! After several weeks our lake disappeared to be replaced with a nice big mud hole that my boys love to walk through and track through the house! I am very grateful our new home has wood flooring!

We are hoping to have by next winter this area all filled with gravel so we can cut down on the mud, but also the pipe will be fixed and this won't happen again!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Lunch with Daddy

We were able to meet Daddy for lunch last month. Its nice that he works so close to home so we can have these special dates.
 We ate a Johnny Rockets that was across the freeway from his work.
 I love this picture of them!
 The food was okay and we might eat there again, but it wasn't a "wow". It was okay . I did like their ketcup display though.
Off to go home now! I think Lincoln enjoys seeing his Daddy during the day as much as I do! He always responds to his voice!

I think this is how Travis and I will be dating for the next several years....lunch dates with Lincoln!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Oh I love my little baby! He is 3 months now and I just remembered why I love this age so much! It is when they really start communicating with you!

 The many faces of Lincoln. I will have to try and find a baby picture of all my boys because they all look alike so much! At times I think he looks like Nathan, than Brandon than Kimball. But whatever it is....he's adorable!
 I love his smiles! He is getting so much better at it every day! He is the happiest in the morning once he wakes up!
 He has also started to grow into his hair!
I can't wait until it becomes warmer so that he can have his hands free. Right now we wear socks on them to keep them warm.

I just realized I haven't done any Monthly pictures of him...I didn't with the other boys and let me tell you how hard it is to try and do the same for each kid!!

Belated Birthday Party

Well since we had to postpone Brandon's birthday party due to a sick Lincoln, we were able to finally have it at the end of January. We had 5 boys from our local church come! I was so happy! Brandon had a blast and it was nice to see that the boys had a lot of patience with Brandon.
 Here are the treat bags that we made for the boys to take home. We sent out of total of 10 invitations so I made sure we had enough! The boys (my boys) were happy that there was left overs!
 His Creeper Cupcakes/Cakes :D
 Treats to go with our pizza lunch.
 Decorations...we had balloons and streamers everywhere.
 We did melting beads and minecraft heads.
 Here are some of the boys making melted beads.
 Eating cupcakes and ice cream
 I made a little creeper for Brandon and he just loved it!
It now resides in his bedroom along with a ghostly head.

I would say the only bad thing about the party was the fact that seeing boys Brandon's age I saw on a social level where Brandon should be and he was WAY below. But we can only go up from here. I love my Brandon! I'm very grateful that he has a few boys he can call friends and that they can come over whenever he would like. It's nice to see that there are some good kids out there!