Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Oh I love my little baby! He is 3 months now and I just remembered why I love this age so much! It is when they really start communicating with you!

 The many faces of Lincoln. I will have to try and find a baby picture of all my boys because they all look alike so much! At times I think he looks like Nathan, than Brandon than Kimball. But whatever it is....he's adorable!
 I love his smiles! He is getting so much better at it every day! He is the happiest in the morning once he wakes up!
 He has also started to grow into his hair!
I can't wait until it becomes warmer so that he can have his hands free. Right now we wear socks on them to keep them warm.

I just realized I haven't done any Monthly pictures of him...I didn't with the other boys and let me tell you how hard it is to try and do the same for each kid!!

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