Thursday, February 20, 2014

Making a Lake?

Last month we found our backyard trying to become a lake! A pipe broke! We were told later by the city that we are suppose to turn off the water line to said pipes but since we just moved in, we can forgive ourselves!
We have decided that we will level this area out this spring/summer....

 It happened after Trav took the boys to the bus stop that morning, but as you can see it started to go fast. Trav braved the freezing cold water to move the cars.

 Once the water was turned off with the help of the city (thankfully they came right away and were in the area!) Travis had to move Catie's car because she had to go to either work or school...I can't remember which.
But of course he got stuck on the ice! He had a little fun playing in the water. We ended up having me go out there and give a little push. It did the trick! After several weeks our lake disappeared to be replaced with a nice big mud hole that my boys love to walk through and track through the house! I am very grateful our new home has wood flooring!

We are hoping to have by next winter this area all filled with gravel so we can cut down on the mud, but also the pipe will be fixed and this won't happen again!

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