Monday, December 15, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Past and Present

Here are my babies from when they were babies and then the current pictures of them. I was looking through my pictures of them for a family reunion and thought it would be cute to see what they looked like back then. The past pictures are of the boys are when they were all about 2 months old. Amazing how much they all grew.




Tuesday, November 18, 2008

November 21, 2008 from 6:30 to 8:30 at the Provo Tabernacle in Provo. We have been lucky enough to have BOTH the Utah Valley Bell Ringers and Noteworthy performing that night! We will also have hot chocolate and doughnuts outside. Make it a family night and bring the kids for a truly entertaining evening.

Prices: $10 for adults (12 and up)

$5 for children 6-11

or $25 for a family (2 adults & up to 3 children)

I hope to see you all there!!!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

One Little Indian

Nathan has learned about Indians this past week at his preschool. So Friday they all dressed up as Indians. Nathan was so pleased being an Indian. Although he was a "good" Indian not a "mean" Indian. He did pose for me for a little bit before he had had enough.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Need flour?

Monday while I was folding laundry Nathan decided that the bag of flour that I had down on the floor was a fun toy. So he ripped a hole in it and proceeded to throw it on Brandon. Kimball thought it looked fun and started to play in it as well. Now I as a tad bit upset that they got into my food storage, but what are you going to do. So after sending the boys to time out in their beds I found Kimball still playing in it. One would think that he did it all, but I do know that his older brothers helped him get there.


We had 6 different types of halloween parties this year! We had one busy day!

Kimball's Boo Boo

As Kimball has been learning to walk he is still not as easy on his feet. So if he has something in his hands when he walks he has the tendiousy to fall down. So just a few days ago while I was getting Nathan off the school bus I heard Kimball start to cry, I thought oh he has fallen down again. As I walk back into the house I see blood running down his face. He tried to stand up with a bottle in his mouth and fell over right into the corner of my cedar chest. After freaking out for a minute I was able to get all the boys into the van as we drove down to Springville to the doctors office. Brandon and Nathan were angles as we drove down. Brandon sat next to Kimball on the way and made sure that the blood stayed out of his eyes. Once at the doctor it was decided that he needed to have stitches because of how it was cut. Poor little Kimball did not enjoy it (although who would) but only have to keep the stitches in for 6 days. He was a trooper and that night he was back to himself.

Brandon's Class Field Trip

For Brandon's class field trip this October they went to a local pumpkin patch that had a nice play field. Brandon really enjoyed it as well as having Mommy and Kimball there with him. Kimball and Brandon had a great time and the weather was perfect for the field trip.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Grandma Beazer's House

This past weekend we decided since we were out for fall break for school, the boys and I with Grandma Walker were going to go up to Rigby, Idaho and see Great Grandma Beazer. We had a fun 3 days full with crafts, worksheets, field trips and playing outside. We got to pick apples from the apple tree for the first time and the boy just loved it. They liked picking them and putting them in the box as well as climbing the tree to get some. The would climb a tree with help, find a apple, pick it and the yell for you to come get it. It was fun.

Can you find two little boys?

They loved playing out side.

Kimball began walking down at Grandma's. He would get braver and walk more and more. The only thing is he loves to crawl more than he can wlk now.

These are some of the cute crafts that we made. Brandon loved his jack o lanter that he took it around with him everywhere.

The all loved the train. Brandon and Nathan got to help Uncle Syd drive it a little bit. They also got to help walk the track to make sure that it was clear. They thought that they were so big!

This is them giving Uncle Syd hugs and kisses for letting them ride the train. Thanks to our Uncle Syd we can ride the train every time we go down to Idaho. Thank you Uncle Syd!!

Corn Maze

A few weeks back there was a sale on the tickets to the local corn maze. So we packed up the kids and went and had fun. The boys loved it. They had so many other activities besides the corn maze that we barely had time for the maze and did all of the other activities. Once we did get into the corn maze we decided that we no longer wanted to do it and turned around 15 minutes into it. But while in the maze we were able to see an elk that was taking a nap in there. The boys had a great time!

They had this awesome dome trampoline thing. I loved it as much as the kids did. It was fun to bounce with the boys in my arms.

Brandon and Nathan smiling in a large wooden train. They love trains.

They had these pedal race cars that you could pedal around. It looked fun but it was hard for them to pedal. And then you had to deal with all the other kids not moving as well.

They had this huge jungle gym thing with a net and slides. Kimball had a great time trying to climb it.

They had this dinosaur that you could walk through and see his stomach. Brandon was brave enough to go in with Dad but Nathan didn't want anything to do with it. Travis told me that he had to carry Brandon most of the way.

Cute roping stand. I think I was the only one to coil the rope when we left. Old habits die hard.

We took a hay ride. The boys loved it except for Kimball who wanted to crawl arond but couldn't.

In the maze we were able to find someone to take our picture. The boys had a good time. Brandon wanted to pick all of the corn.

They had these cute swings made out of tires into the shape of a horse. It looked really cool. I wonder if Grandpa Longan could make us some.

The boys loved this and would have played longer if we would have left them. They would pump water back and forth, but they had some ducks on them that they took turns pumping them back and forth.