Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Kimball's Boo Boo

As Kimball has been learning to walk he is still not as easy on his feet. So if he has something in his hands when he walks he has the tendiousy to fall down. So just a few days ago while I was getting Nathan off the school bus I heard Kimball start to cry, I thought oh he has fallen down again. As I walk back into the house I see blood running down his face. He tried to stand up with a bottle in his mouth and fell over right into the corner of my cedar chest. After freaking out for a minute I was able to get all the boys into the van as we drove down to Springville to the doctors office. Brandon and Nathan were angles as we drove down. Brandon sat next to Kimball on the way and made sure that the blood stayed out of his eyes. Once at the doctor it was decided that he needed to have stitches because of how it was cut. Poor little Kimball did not enjoy it (although who would) but only have to keep the stitches in for 6 days. He was a trooper and that night he was back to himself.

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