Thursday, December 31, 2009

Last two quilts

These are the last two quilts that I finished. This first one is for my sister Catie. She is about to move out on her on, and I bet she would love to add it to her own things. I call it Berries N Cream Squared.

After I washed it, it became really wrinkly! I love it! It is a twin size quilt and I love it!

The second one that I finished about 30 minutes ago is my very own quilt. It is mine and only mine. I bought the material a little over a year ago. I wasn't even quilting at the time. I have never quilted but the material was on sale so I bought. I started cutting it out in August and just now finished it. It is made out of flannel, and it is the first one that I made out of flannel. I really like how it puckered up. I haven't washed it yet but I will. I will have to make another one out of flannel soon.

I really like the back on this. I tried really hard to make it pretty with what I had left, but still had to go out and buy more several times!

It is a queen size quilt and if Travis had his way it would be a foot longer on all sides. But has he ever tried to quilt something that big? I love the colors! I had forgotten how pretty it was!

Finished Projects

I finally did it! I made it! YEAH!! I was able to finish my last two quilts with an hour to spare until midnight! At the beginning of November over at Tallgrass Prairie Studios, Jacquie challenged all those who would like to participate to finish those work in progress quilts and unfinised projects lying around. I had a total of 8 different quilts that I was working on and wanted to finish, and I was able to finish it!!

1. Brandon's ragged square quilt

2. My Mom's Quilt....Pink and Black no sew

3. My Mom's green, yellow and blue quilt

4. Brother's quilt...Western Wonky Log Cabin

5. My brothers (a different one) Western quilt

6. My sister's quilt, Green Squared

7. My other sister's quilt, Berries' N Cream Squared

8. My quilt, My first Quilt for ME

I am rather happy with all of my quilts. I am glad that I was able to make them and then I am so excited to see what 2010 brings!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Late Christmas Present

Many of you may have saw that I wrote to Santa over at the Fat Quarter Shop earlier this month, and I was one of the lucky ones that had been extra special to receive my wish.

I was very happy to come home from the grocery store to see my package! Thank you so much Santa and the Fat Quarter Shop!! I am so excited to make me a quilt...does anyone have any ideas??? I have a Jelly Roll and a Layer cake....doesn't that sound yummy?

1 hour skirt

I have been going through sewing withdrawls....I am waiting to go to the store to get more batting to finish 2 quilts that I am working on and I did some house cleaning and I was a little I decided to make a skirt. Allison over at Cluck, Cluck Sew made this cute skirt and I wanted to try it. I am very well pleased with the results and I think I will make more with different colored fabric.

Playing with Trains

Kimball got a lot of Thomas train tracks from Santa this year and he has been playing with them every day. Today Nathn decided to play with him too, although they have to make a seperate track for Kimball so that he doesn't mess up "their" tracks.

I love Nathan's smile....his eyes are like half moons and so cute!! He reminds me of his Uncle Joey.

Of course Nathan takes the "best" track for himself

Kimball is playing with Neville...I realized that Kimball took Grandma's Neville too....we will have to return it the next time we visit.

My boys bounce between for one minute they play with legos (top right) and then they go to trains....that only lasts about 10 minutes tops and then they move on.
You may be wondering where Brandon is, he is the only one that doesn't wake up at 6:30 in the morning! Now if I could convince Nathan and Kimball to sleep longer too!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Western Quilts

I have been working on these quilts since, hmmmm either August, September or October. Anyway way TOO long! I am TIRED of looking at these strips The fabric was given to me and I knew that my brothers would just LOVE them! So I cut all of the fabric up, but I am still stuck with TONS left! I already have something in mind to do with the left overs now, but they can wait, which makes me HAPPY!

My biggest problem is I don't know which brother to give what quilt to. So Mom, what do you think? But anyway here they are:

Western Stripes

This quilt was just a creative one. I just sewed my different sizes of strips together and then cut 12" squares. Then I when putting it together I twisted them. I did the regular stippling that I always do. I do like it a lot and I find that I am getting better all the time.

Western Wonky Log Cabin

Love the toys at the bottom? This one shrunk more than I thought it would, or I thought it was bigger. Oh well. This was the quilt along quilt.

In the squares I decided to become creative and do whatever. I have been meaning to try different things, but one this is for sure...I STINK at it! Oh well, I told Travis at least I don't have to look at it all the time otherwise I would probably have to burn it. But for now, they are "wonky" stitches.

This was the one that I really wanted to try...pebble stitching. It takes a long time and a LOT of thread.

I wish I had better pictures of them but it was snowing today and this was the best that I could do. Two more quilts off my UFO's. Just two more to do

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Green All Squared Up DONE!

I finished another one of my UFO's (unfinished object). This quilt is for my sister, Jenni. She is quite excited about it and the first thing she said was "good, when do I get it?" So sweet eh? She said she needs this quilt and I am glad it is done for her. I think it turned out very nice!

This quilt was all pinned and ready for me to finish with Christmas. I was able to get it quilted, binded and pin two other queen size quilts. A very productive day...if you add giving hair cuts to everyone, going to two different stores, getting lunch ready and getting in a nap! :D

I just love this flowered cream material. I was kinda sad that it went with this quilt so well because I wanted it for me! Oh well I know that Jenni will love it too! (Or else!!)

Christmas Day

Yesturday was just a wonderful day! We had a wonderful moring as  family and then the afternoon with more family! It was amazing! I am just very grateful for my family! I am going to just post all (only part) of the pictures and give little comments when needed. I hope you enjoy!

Here is what the boys came down to Christmas Morning....

Presents on the stairs waiting for them. They are their pajamas. They didn't mind opening it first and putting them on.

A little excited??

New Shoes....and what did we have to do before we could move on?

Ahh much better, we can move on to more presents!

The boys have to get the same presents so we can cut down the fighting....isn't that smart of Santa?

My present from Brandon....if you need help deciding what the mask's a reindeer. (Have you liked mine and Travis's new pajamas?? I don't want to show close pictures because they aren't that pretty put together.)

Brandon and me....

Kimball and me....he can't keep his eye off his new Thomas the train book

Nay Nay and me...

We of course had to start playing with the toys...

Brandon was helping Nathan put together his new Optimus Prime transformer....what a helpful brother!

Waiting for breakfast while putting together our new package of legos....what's for breakfast?

Travis of course had to "help" the boys.....

Yummy red and green french toast!

Later that day we went to Grandma and Grandpa Walker's house to spend the rest of our day there. They had a cool train toy. Kimball was in heaven!

All that were there....Uncle Wayne, Aunt Melissa, Aunt Rose, Uncle Derek, Uncle John, Aunt Jacque and then John and Jaque's children, Carson and Riley. The kis had so much fun playing together!

Grandpa Walker, he thinks he is so funny! Brandon and Nathan's mission in life is to "trick" Grandpa...

Here is Riley, she was so cute!! She would always say "cheese" for you. That is what she is doing here. She loved her new pure and dress she got from us for Christmas!! And those who are wondering, she is 20 months old.

Later that night Grandpa got out his present for the kids....light flashing, noise making guns. Oh did they have fun! And did I say how loud they are? Here is Kimball showing off...

Right as we were leaving, Uncle Derek put on up for Riley and Carson. Kimball got very excited and sat down with Riley. Kimball looks huge compaired to her! She is about 6 months younger than Kimball.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! I am so grateful to have a wonderful family and the ability to see them all!