Friday, December 4, 2009

Bar J Wrangler Christmas Concert

This past Tuesday we were able to get a babysitter and go to a Bar J Wrangler concert. They are a chuck wagon singing group. They are based out of Jackson Hole, Wy on the Bar J ranch. They have been singing for about 30 years now and I was introduced to them by Travis. They are awesome and funny and talented!! We went to their Christmas concert and we just loved it!
This is Tim, he plays the fiddle and has won many trophies and is just awesome!

This is Babe Humphrey, he is the one that started the who singing wranglers. He is in retirement but came out to sing with the show.

Tim and Scott

Scott, Babe and Bryan Humpry singing "Mary did you know". It is the best version of the song that I have ever heard!!

I didn't get a picture of Travis and I, but oh well you know what we look like!

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Sweet Grandma Rita said...

A fun night out and a good break, now the Holidays can come on full force. You need those breaks evey once and a while so you can deal sanely with the posts above. LOL
I can tell you, I miss that excitment now, but it took a while!