Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Decorating the Christmas Tree

Last night we finally decorated our Christmas tree. We were going to do it on Sunday night but realized we didn't have a tree stand, so after calming the boys down we got a new one yesturday and put it up for FHE and my birthday. They were so happy although impatient with how long it took to fluff the tree.
A twig broke off and Brandon held onto it for the rest of the night, and then this morning Nathan thought that the tree needed to be trimmed so he started cutting off the leaves, it is a FAKE tree.
Kimball isn't feeling well and so he was really grouchy to begin with.
Daddy helped decorate the tree.

Nathan needed help and Daddy was there to give a boost. Kimball didn't really have any desire to decorate the tree but today he did have fun taking all the candy canes off and bringing them to me. Brandon found that hat and wore it all night. He would wear it to school and non stop if I let him. I was trying to take pictures of the boys as Travis was bringing my lighted cake in to me. I have such cute boys! I wish I could post more pictures but these will do for now. We are ready for Christmas.


Laci said...

Very cute! Hope you had a happy birthday! And, I hope Kimball is feeling better!! :)

Sweet Grandma Rita said...

How did I miss this post?! I am always reading and rereading the posts and the comments. I love to see these pictures. What great helpers. It always takes twice as long at least, with their wonderful help.