Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas Candy and Gifts done

Well my Christmas candy is done, and with that done it means that presents for the boys' teachers are done as well. It is a huge relief when it is over with. I love to give people candy because when I give it to them their face lights up and get so happy. So to me that is well worth the stress, although this year Travis helped me a lot and it was very helpful.

The Peppermint Dips. I got the recipe from A Little Tipsy.

The chocolate Mounds. They are SOO GOOD!! I hope that we don't run completely out of these, because they are becoming my new favorite. These will definately become a staple in the Christmas candy list.

Chocolate covered Pretzels. Can you see the empty spots that my boys' "speaked" a taste. These are Nathan's favorite.

Peanut Brittle....these are my Dad's favorite. I didn't cook it long enough, it is a little soft. But I think it is very good still!

Then a new find and a favorite, Orange Cream Fudge. Travis and I had a lot of fun making this together. It was so good! We tried it before it completely set last night, but this morning it was even better!

If  you combine it all, you get a very pretty present!

I tried to make some more English Toffee, but I was cursed again and it didn't turn out. I didn't have enough energy to make more, but oh well. I had some this year and that is what REALLY counts!


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The Picketts said...

I think I just gained EVERY one of my 15 lbs that I lost in the last few weeks by looking at those yummy pictures! ONLY for that reason, am I glad you are not living close to me at the moment. Or I'd be FORCED to come "Speak" a taste too!!! :o)