Friday, December 4, 2009

Finally....more quilting done!

When my mom visited me in October we went to a quilt shop and she got a lot of different material. She also got some preprinted quilting fabric. I am not sure of the real name but it looked quilted but is just a bolt of fabric. She wanted me to quilt it for her, so after awhile I got it done. You can see how big it is, I didn't measure it but it is a queen size quilt. It is the largest quilt I have ever stippled, and it was hard. It makes my living room look so small.

Instead of hand stichting the edges I did a zig zag stitch around the edges and I think it turned it out rather well. The back is all pink. I have learned with this quilt so I can make the next one better. This is one of my UFO's so I have another one I can cross of my list. I have 2 more ready that needs to be basted and quilted. So I think I might be able to get all of my UFO's done by the new year!


Sweet Grandma Rita said...

Beautiful Quilt. I have one with that pattern that grandma Clara started and never finished. It is still down stairs

Lopez Life said...

I love it!