Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Nathan's Christmas Party

Today was Nathan's christmas party at school. I was in charge of it and I think all the kids had a wonderful time! Nathan goes to a small unit Autism kindergarden, so I always need to make sure we can do things that they can do. We made marshmellow snowmen, button wreaths and pipe cleaner candy canes. Then we played Christmas bingo. I was in charge of the marshmellow snowmen station so didn't get many pictures.

Nathan was really tired this afternoon when I got there, but as the party went along it got better.

Nathan did awesome playing bingo and I was so proud of him! I do have to say though that I have a lot of respect for every teacher that teaches children with autism. It is a LOT of work and they are just wonderful!

Here is the snowman we made. I think he is so cute!


Luv 2 Kreate said...

I think he is cute too :)

Sweet Grandma Rita said...

Looks like Mrs Crystal has been super busy again> Enjoy the fun!!

sewkatiedid said...

My little guy loved the snowman! Happy New Year, looks like you had a splendid Christmas.