Friday, December 4, 2009


I think our Father in Heaven made two year olds adorable because he knows that as parents we would kill them if not.

The other day I hadn't seen Kimball and it got quite, and of course when you hear that, you get concerned!! I go into the living room and this is what I find......

Finding him like this, you think he is just the sweetest and most adorable child, then you find him the next day like this.....

I have been painting these letters for Christmas and closed my door so that my boys wouldn't get in there. Well Brandon went in there to get something and didn't shut the door. Kimball is a magnet to art supplies....marker or paint he is there and gets into it faster than you can blink.

I was able to catch him in time and so he didn't too much damage and thankfully I had my old blanket down too! Want to know what he was trying to do??

Paint his train red! It's suppose to match, don't ya know!

All said and done, I love my little stinker!

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