Friday, December 18, 2009

Brandon's Christmas Program

I would like to apologize to begin with for the quality of my pictures and videos! They are very poor and I wish I had a better camera, but my luck with cameras don't allow me a nice one.

Brandon had his first grade Christmas Program. He was so cute standing there singing. He would blow me kisses and bowing between the poems and songs. Then later on he kept writting in the air trying to talk to me. He definately stood out! These first couple of ones were from the morning Assembly, and they sang to the whole school.

Then tonight they performed for the family. Brandon had a very hard time with his vest to begin with, and wouldn't leave it alone! Grandma and Grandpa Walker, Uncle Derek, Aunt Rose, Uncle Wayne and Aunt Melissa came to watch! We were so happy to see them come, and Brandon was very happy!

Aunt Melissa saved the day with her ipod. Nathan got to watch a movie, after he was done standing on the chair yelling and waving at Brandon.

Kimball spent half the time runnng around and the the other half on Grandma Walker's lap.

Afterwards Nathan wanted to go to class with Brandon, and was very mad at me when I didn't let him go.

But then he decided that sitting on the stage that they sang on would be just as fun.

Then everyone came back over to the house and we chatted for a minute. Then they left to get more Christmas shopping done.

For some reason I can't get my video to load. But trust me when I say they sounded great!


Luv 2 Kreate said...

What a memorable day! Looks like it was fun :) Miss the days when mine were young...

Sweet Grandma Rita said...

The fun comes through even if the pictures are not the best. With a program like that it is hard to get a good picture because the kids are high lighted and you are in the dark. Still a fun time!!