Thursday, December 10, 2009

Christmas Gifts

I have wanted to make this dress for some time now, and am kinda sad that I don't have a little daughter to dress her in. But I have 5 nieces that I can shower with homemade dresses with! I first found this over at Crazy Mom Quilts. She does excelent tutorials and makes it really easy for me to understand. I used Moda 's Boutique Charm packet to make it and I love the colors! I have decided that if I was a rich woman I would constantly buy Moda fabric.

I am not going to say who this is for just in case her mother comes on and looks at my blog. But I wanted to share my handy work!

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amandajean said...

if you were a rich woman, you'd be buying moda fabric constantly. ha! i soooooooo know the feeling. the dress turned out great!