Thursday, April 29, 2010

Pinwheel quilt along

I have gotten a lot done today. I finished my last two blocks on the pinwheel quilt along and I was able to start the top. I layed out the blocks to see what I liked. Almost done with it!
I know one block is wrong, but I figured life isn't perfect why should quilts be? Okay nice excuse eh? I was just too LAZY!!

I used Moda's Hunky Dory Layer Cake and then some white fabric from Joannes. It has brighter flowers on it. I am really liking it.

April Round Robin Blocks

I got my Round Robin blocks a few weeks ago and finally got to them today. At first I avoided them because they looked hard, but after starting them and working on it, it was rather easy. I made these blocks for Michele over at calicodaisy. She is a very talented woman and I hope she enjoys her blocks.
Mind is the one with the batik and hers is with the strips. I am making two blocks of everyone's designs for me and for a quilt I will make to remember this bee. She asked for red and a robin's egg blue, but to me it looks like teal or aqua. I really like it.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Old Red Barn Quilt Along

On the Old Red Barn Quilt Along we had an Easter/Mother's Day swap. I sent my package out to Dena in Texas a few weeks ago. I received mine today from someone from Yorkshire, UK. I was so shocked when I got it! I was surprised to see something from the UK. Then after opening it I realized it was the swap!
I got some beautiful fabric quarters ( I love the tools one), measuring tape, candy, safety pins and some invisible thread.

Kimball wanted my chocolate and I had to give him some before I could get it away from him. It is really yummy!!

After I find out who sent it they will get a thank you note, but whoever it is....THANK YOU!!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

It is....

It is a....

Smarties Tower!!!

Congradulations to April! She was the very first one to get it and soon after I posted. She is too smart for her own good!! :D The good thing is she is coming here tomorrow so I can talk to her and see what she wants. So April think what you would like. Something made by me or some goodies. But let me know!

Thank you everyone who participated! It was fun to see everyones answers!

*Note- I was really bored one day and I couldn't get myself to sew (I know a shocker!) and I had a bag of smarties next to me left from Easter. I decided to see how big of a tower I could make. I got this far and got bored of that and started sewing again! *

Monday, April 26, 2010

What The??

Nathan was watching Brandon play computer and all of a sudden he says "What the heck?" I was shocked! Then I thought I must be saying that too much, although I don't know when I am!! I asked him where he heard that and he said he said because he heard me saying it. Darn kid!

So in the spirit of "what the heck?" I want to play a little game....whoever can guess what this picture is, will win a little prize. I don't know what it is yet and I think it will depend on who wins it, but who ever guesses it correctly, FIRST wins!! :D Lets say until Wednesday, if no one has guessed by then I will put you all out of your misery!

Good Luck!

Sunday, April 25, 2010


Kimball has become more independent every day. At times he doesn't think he needs to take a nap, but his little body has other plans. Travis took this picture of him yesturday.
Ahh what would it be like to be a little kid again, fall asleep whenever!!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Baby Shower Gifts

I have some awesome friends that understand me completely! Most of my good friends have more than one autistic child in their home. We relate on so many levels!! Two of my friends are expecting this summer. One is moving to Colorado :(and having a boy but one is staying here :) and having a girl. I didn't know exactly what to make and knew that I didn't have time to make a quilt. So I made some other goodies!

Lets look inside and see what we find!

Hooter Hiders!! Are they awesome! They are perfect for making sure that you are COMPLETELY covered while nursing. I did a google search and I found this tutorial.

Boppy Covers! These were fun and interesting to make. Notice how they match their Hooter Hiders? If you look WAY up close you can see little sparkles! I used this tutorial to make the Boppys.

What else? The BAGS!! Matching bags as well to go with their gifts!

I can't wait to see them tonight and give it to them!

Sew Mama Sew Fat Quarter Swap

I had the opprotunity to participate in the Sew Mama Sew Fat Quarter Swap. I decided that I wanted to do two, so I sent out 8 fat quarters to people all over the world. Okay so 6 in the USA and 2 in Germany. Yesturday I received my fat quarters from Germany. I am so excited! I was also sent German Chocolate!! YUM YUM! I think I am getting close to receiving all of my FQ's but I wanted to share my German stash. My BIL is leaving for Germany next Sunday and he has been nice enough to say that he will get me some fabric while he is over there. Okay so he knows that I will hurt him if he doesn't. (Love you Derek!)
This is how one was sent. In freezer paper that had been sewn! Isn't that AWESOME! I will definately have to try that!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Super Star

Brandon lately has been searching youtube (being supervised by me) for cartoons. He has recently found some that he just loves!! He has been listening to them every day for a week. I think it is call, "they must be giants" or something. They have some nice songs that get stuck in your head easily.

The other day after school he sat down to decompress and grabbed the bike pump. He used it as a microphone and started singing to it. It was so cute! He knew the songs but couldn't actually sing and watch at the same time. It was really cute.

Preparing the Garden

Since spring is actually deciding to come Travis and I are getting the garden ready. Well okay so it is mostly just Travis. He borrowed his mom's rotiliar (sp I KNOW I spelled it wrong) and started getting it ready for planting. I am not sure when we will begin planting, but I am guessing VERY soon!
This was Kimball's safe area. He would run into here and start jumping.
Travis even spread some peat moss into the soil.

All ready for planting!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Smilely boy

The other day I finally was able to cut Kimball's hair. He didn't want it done, but I put in a cartoon and buzzed him quickly. After 7 years of cutting boys hair, I think I am finally getting the hang of it! Later that day Kimball decided to model for me!
(Do you like my fabric basket in the background? I need to iron them and fold them! But why do that when I can just sew???)

Another Giveaway

Head on over to Sunflower quilts to check out her awesome giveaway! It's HUGE!!


I have been working on my Moda project for the last few days, and Kimball has been an excellent child and has entertained himself a lot. While I was quilting I looked down and found Kimball like this...
(a little tease for the MBS project)
So I took a break and we got a little silly
Kimball is a good sport and such a good little boy. Then when Brandon got home he realized that he didn't have his math homework. He was very upset, so since we live right across the street I told him he could run back over and get it. It was raining this afternoon so before he went he put on his water shoes and a knit cap. Now I try to make sure that Brandon looks okay. I don't want him to look silly and draw more attention to himself, but when he came down in this  outfit I just had to laugh and say okay go for it. He told me he needed his water shoes because there was puddles and he needed his hat to keep his head warm (note not his ears...just his head).
Don't you all wish you could have a super cool outfit like Brandon??

Teacher Apprecation Mini Quilts

I finished my mini quilts for Nathan's aids at school yesturday. I really enjoyed making them. I ended up making four of them although it took me longer than I expected. But if you think about it, 4 mini quilts make up a twin quilt. (These quilts anyway) I was also able to get Nathan's hand print on them as well, so they will now tie in with the door hanging I made earlier.

** This is the note I got from Nathan's teacher**

OH MY GOODNESS!!!!! That is incredible! I love it. I think I can say that it is the best teacher appreciation wall hanging in the history of the world! It is so fantastic. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I love it with all my heart.

I think it is a success!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Have you ever pinned a king size quilt? After this morning I can say that I have. I went over to our Church building this moring to pin because I didn't have enough room in my house to lay it out. But I must say I wish I could pin all of my quilts in this wide of space.

(ingore the uneven backing...I got lazy)

Travis was very kind and helped me pin the quilt. Kimball helped too, well was a little of a problem child, but we did call him our little helper.

Now that the quilt is pinned I can work on it next week. My goal is to get it done next week. I have quite a few projects I want/need to finish this week. But I am glad that I got it done this quilt pinned.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Guess What Came!!!

My fabric from Moda (United Notions)!!! I am so excited!! I want to start working on my project tonight, but unfortunately I need to take good pictures and I just don't have a good enough camera to do it tonight, so I will do it tomorrow while I have some nice light from the sun.

Soon you will all see what I have up my shelves!


Lately I have been making lists...lists...lists... and lists. I feel like I have so much I want and need to get done, that if I write it down so then I can cross them off when I have finished them. This way I can see some progress, even if I don't actually see it.

To start off, I have joined Spring to Finish challege, hosted by Tallgrass Prairie Studios. She had something similar to this last fall and it helped me stay motivated and to get everything on my list done, so I have once again signed up. I have a lot of ideas and projects that I wanted to get done, but with a 6 week period I have limited me to 10 different projects.

1. Finish String Quilt
2. Finish Sandie's Quilt
3. MBS project one
4. MBS project two
5. Pinwheel quilt along Quil- finish
6. Hang shelves in computer room, complete with boxes for storage
7. -9. Make dress shirts for 3 little girls
10. Hang pictures in my stair hallway

One of the greatest things about this challenge is that it's not only quilts, but ANY project that you have.

So to get things done, I was able to get 20 string blocks made last night, which was my goal for April. I have about 60 more to do to finish the quilt top, then I can easily finish the quilt, I just need to do it.

Then I was also able to make a rice pack for the male teacher aid, for teacher apprecation week. Nathan LOVED it. He picked from my fabrics and found the cover he wanted. I used Handmade by Heidi's tutorial. Although I used rice instead of corn, because well I had rice.

Tonight I am planning on quilting the mini quilts for the teacher apprecation so then I can get working on my other projects. But now I get to finish some cleaning on my house. Any volunteers to help me?? No? Well that's fine I will recruite my little boys to help!

Also if you want to enter a giveaway, head on over to A Stitch and a Prayer for a chance to win a Moda Charm pack!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

All Dressed Up

Usually for Easter I get the boys a new church outfit. Since General Conference (A world wide meeting for the LDS church) landed on Easter this year we didn't get to wear our new outfits to church. This was okay with me since I didn't get my new outfit ready either. Today before church we were able to take some pictures. My boys just look so grown up!
(do you see Travis and I in the window?? I thought that was so cute!)




Yesturday I took a break from quilting and made me a skirt. I have wanted one of these for some time. Although I had to alter the pattern to make it a little bigger for me, but I think it ended up being too big. Oh well I will try to make it again with some other fabrics, more casual.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Friday Night Sew In Results

I didn't get as much done as I wanted, the quilt tops actually took a lot more time than I thought. I have one top done but still have 3 more to do. Then the backs. So I will be working on those today and tomorrow as well. Teacher apprecation week starts Monday.
Now I need some help. Nathan has a male aid that comes in about 2 hours a day. I wanted to include him, but since he is a male and a bachelor I am not sure he would like a quilt top. I would like to make him something, but have no idea what to make.  Any ideas?