Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Old Red Barn Quilt Along

On the Old Red Barn Quilt Along we had an Easter/Mother's Day swap. I sent my package out to Dena in Texas a few weeks ago. I received mine today from someone from Yorkshire, UK. I was so shocked when I got it! I was surprised to see something from the UK. Then after opening it I realized it was the swap!
I got some beautiful fabric quarters ( I love the tools one), measuring tape, candy, safety pins and some invisible thread.

Kimball wanted my chocolate and I had to give him some before I could get it away from him. It is really yummy!!

After I find out who sent it they will get a thank you note, but whoever it is....THANK YOU!!

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Landon and Kayla said...

Seriously how fun is that! Kindof like a penpal but a quilting pal! That is so fun Crystal! I wish I was talented enough to do stuff and I would join that club haha