Monday, April 19, 2010


Lately I have been making lists...lists...lists... and lists. I feel like I have so much I want and need to get done, that if I write it down so then I can cross them off when I have finished them. This way I can see some progress, even if I don't actually see it.

To start off, I have joined Spring to Finish challege, hosted by Tallgrass Prairie Studios. She had something similar to this last fall and it helped me stay motivated and to get everything on my list done, so I have once again signed up. I have a lot of ideas and projects that I wanted to get done, but with a 6 week period I have limited me to 10 different projects.

1. Finish String Quilt
2. Finish Sandie's Quilt
3. MBS project one
4. MBS project two
5. Pinwheel quilt along Quil- finish
6. Hang shelves in computer room, complete with boxes for storage
7. -9. Make dress shirts for 3 little girls
10. Hang pictures in my stair hallway

One of the greatest things about this challenge is that it's not only quilts, but ANY project that you have.

So to get things done, I was able to get 20 string blocks made last night, which was my goal for April. I have about 60 more to do to finish the quilt top, then I can easily finish the quilt, I just need to do it.

Then I was also able to make a rice pack for the male teacher aid, for teacher apprecation week. Nathan LOVED it. He picked from my fabrics and found the cover he wanted. I used Handmade by Heidi's tutorial. Although I used rice instead of corn, because well I had rice.

Tonight I am planning on quilting the mini quilts for the teacher apprecation so then I can get working on my other projects. But now I get to finish some cleaning on my house. Any volunteers to help me?? No? Well that's fine I will recruite my little boys to help!

Also if you want to enter a giveaway, head on over to A Stitch and a Prayer for a chance to win a Moda Charm pack!


Pat said...

Crystal, sounds like you have all of your "ducks" in order so to speak. I wish that were me. LOL That rice pack is really neat. A minister friend of mine makes them. She said they're real nice to use. Your string work is so pretty. Happy Quilting!

Landon and Kayla said...

You are getting way organized! Im so jealous of how crafty you are...I wish I had the patience for quilting!

Amy said...

Oh my goodness, I could probably do ONE of those in a 6 week period... way to go!