Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I have been working on my Moda project for the last few days, and Kimball has been an excellent child and has entertained himself a lot. While I was quilting I looked down and found Kimball like this...
(a little tease for the MBS project)
So I took a break and we got a little silly
Kimball is a good sport and such a good little boy. Then when Brandon got home he realized that he didn't have his math homework. He was very upset, so since we live right across the street I told him he could run back over and get it. It was raining this afternoon so before he went he put on his water shoes and a knit cap. Now I try to make sure that Brandon looks okay. I don't want him to look silly and draw more attention to himself, but when he came down in this  outfit I just had to laugh and say okay go for it. He told me he needed his water shoes because there was puddles and he needed his hat to keep his head warm (note not his ears...just his head).
Don't you all wish you could have a super cool outfit like Brandon??

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