Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Neighborhood Quilting Sampler Quilt Along

I love quilt alongs, I am following at least 3 different ones right now. They are such a great way to learn new techniques as well as make a variety of different quilts. I am currently planning a Neighborhood Quilting class for my local church members and any who is interested in coming. I will be making tutorials for each of the blocks we will making for everyone so I decided to post it on my blog as well.

This quilt will be a sampler quilt of 12 different blocks. They are on the easy side for beginners. The quilt size will be about 54"x68". I will be using a background color and 5 different colors in the quilt. Everyone is more than welcome to use more or less, but I wouldn't go much less than 4 colors. Here is the fabric requirements:

Background- 2 yards

Border- 2 3/4 yards (this is an estimate, not 100% sure)

Dark brown-1 yard

Light brown 1-3/4 yards

Light brown 2-1/2 yard

Dark pink-1 yard

Light pink -1 yard

Backing: 3 1/2 yards

Binding: 1/2 yard

Batting: twin size or 60"x72"

The first class will be on April 24th, so I will then start posting the block tutorials. I have made a sketch of what the quilt will look like, both of using the colors I have in mind as well as a blank one for those that would like to color in what colors and whatnot. I will include those here for those that would like to use them.

I would love to hear if anyone is interested in participating, and also if anyone has any questions! Please pass the word along to others. I will be having give aways along the way too to help participation! This is a perfect project for beginners!

Right now a fellow Utahn quilter is doing a basic quilting lessons on her blog right now, Obsessively Stitching. She has some great instructions and answers a lot of questions. Make sure to check it out!


Monica said...

I would love to do this. I'll have to try to get fabric in time to start, or I might be a little behind the timeline too. Looks complicated though. =)

Amy said...

You know, I used to think I was a really good quilter/seamstress until I started seeing all these incredibly amazing projects you keep doing, I'm excited to see the finished work!