Saturday, April 24, 2010

Baby Shower Gifts

I have some awesome friends that understand me completely! Most of my good friends have more than one autistic child in their home. We relate on so many levels!! Two of my friends are expecting this summer. One is moving to Colorado :(and having a boy but one is staying here :) and having a girl. I didn't know exactly what to make and knew that I didn't have time to make a quilt. So I made some other goodies!

Lets look inside and see what we find!

Hooter Hiders!! Are they awesome! They are perfect for making sure that you are COMPLETELY covered while nursing. I did a google search and I found this tutorial.

Boppy Covers! These were fun and interesting to make. Notice how they match their Hooter Hiders? If you look WAY up close you can see little sparkles! I used this tutorial to make the Boppys.

What else? The BAGS!! Matching bags as well to go with their gifts!

I can't wait to see them tonight and give it to them!


Bobbi said...

those are ADORABLE!!! LOVE those fabrics!

Lopez Life said...

wow! You better remember me whenver i have another lol

Pat said...

How nice and very thoughtful of you Crystal, to make your friends such awesome things. The fabric is really pretty. You have been one busy person, my friend. Happy Quilting!

donnachurchillritter said...

Your friends are going to LOVE these. You are a great friend and very generous!

JT, Carly, Boston, Jocelyn and Snuggles said...


You are too cute! Maybe I should get pregnant just so you can make me cute things like that.. on second thought...nah!! But way cute stuff!


Love your bags! Be sure to stop by my website later this week for a Kaffe Fassett giveaway!

Landon and Kayla said...

i LOVE these!!! Seriously! If I were to ask you to make these could I buy them from you? that is an awesome baby gift!

The Andrew's said...

I need 3 boy ones....How much are you selling them for? and I would only need the hooter hider and the bag...I dont think my friends have the boppies......Email me....:)