Friday, April 16, 2010

Busy Day

It seems like it has been a busy day, although I did manage to get in a nice nap! I couldn't help it, when Kimball fell asleep I feel asleep holding him! But it's okay, now I can stay up later working on Friday night sew in!!

This morning I went down to Springville to do some filing with my Mother in law. They are putting a huge pipe in the road infront of her house and so it's quite an adventure to get there. I dropped off Rose and Derek's quilt, Wandering Rose, and some pillows I made for them. They match their curtains. It was really easy, but something I can cross it off my list.

Then after the boys came home from school we went to the post office. It was rather interesting, 2 autistic boys in a small area with about 20 people...we were a little bit anxious! But I had quite a few things to mail off...

Then we grabbed some dinner and came home. The boys are having fun playing and watching a movie and I have my Friday Night Sew In project...more teacher apprecation stuff. These are cut outs for the mini quilts for the aids!

I am hoping that I will get it them all put together (4) tonight and so that I can finish them tomorrow and quilt them. * Also do you like the crayon colorings on my mat? Kimball thought it needed to be more colorful!*


Aimee said...

My mat has crayon scribbles on it too!

Lopez Life said...

I think mom's does too!!! You did have a busy busy day!